When is a pandemic no longer a pandemic, nor even an epidemic?

A cold, hard look at the facts – When should we simply get on with life?

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The current Covid facts – a Facts4EU.Org analysis of the latest official data

On the average day in the five years from 2015-2019 (pre-Covid), 1,659 people in the United Kingdom died. They died each day from a wide range of causes, the most numerous being cancer, dementia/Alzheimers, and heart disease.

This report looks at Covid-related deaths over the past two months, in relation to total deaths from all causes.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The pandemic and epidemic by the numbers

  • Five-year daily average of UK deaths (all causes) : 1,659
  • Last two months daily average of UK ‘Covid deaths’ : 24
  • That’s 1.4% of the normal daily average of all deaths

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  • Last seven days daily average of UK ‘Covid deaths’ : 6
  • That’s only 0.36% of the normal daily average of all deaths

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For the last two months UK daily deaths (all causes incl. Covid) have been well below the five-year average.
There is currently no ‘excess mortality’ as a result of Covid-19.

Covid-19 deaths in proportion

On average in the last two months (24 March-23 May 2021) in the United Kingdom, 24 people died each day of some cause where Covid was mentioned on the death certificate. It could have been stated as the cause, underlying cause, or because the deceased had tested positive in the last 28 days, or because the doctor thought Covid might be involved but where there was no positive test result.

In the latest seven days the average daily number of deaths in the United Kingdom, in some way linked to Covid-19, was six. That’s 0.36% of the daily average of all UK deaths over the past five years. If the daily average of Covid-linked deaths over the last two months is used, the percentage is 1.4%.

Put another way, on average in the last seven days in the UK, 1,653 people will have died each day from non-Covid causes, with only six more linked in some way to Covid-19. Despite this, hundreds of billions are still being spent on Covid, and impositions look likely to continue.

NOTE: As ever we must state that any death, from any cause, is tragic for all involved. This report is not about individual deaths. It concerns overall numbers and the proportionality of any response for society as a whole. We have simply provided some key, basic facts to allow readers to make informed decisions.


A daily average of six Covid-related, UK-wide deaths, compared to a daily average of 1,653 deaths from all other causes. This is a very stark fact.

We are acutely aware that a majority of the general public support the current Government measures to tackle Covid-19 and that many believe restrictions should continue. It is not a comfortable position that Facts4EU.Org finds itself in, when the bald facts simply do not support the majority view. Our only defence is that our reporting is not of interest to the 24-hour news channels such as the BBC and Sky News, and if it were then people might begin to re-assess.

The newspapers are currently full of rumours from unnamed Government sources regarding ‘Covid passports’, and the likelihood after the supposed lockdown end-date of 21 June of continued Covid-19 requirements. These are said to include masks, social distancing, enforced self-isolation even if fully vaccinated, and other major impositions on normal life, civil liberties, and personal freedoms.

"Facts don't do what I want them to"

Facts4EU.Org has always dealt with the analysis of official facts, presenting the key information for readers in bullet points and in simple ‘at-a-glance’ charts. Sometimes our facts are not palatable for some readers, but official facts are what we report.

Six years ago we did not start our research on the EU to replace one totalitarian government in Brussels with one at home. Many readers may disagree with our conclusions but we know we have a thoughtful readership that is always interested in facts – particularly those which are not reported on main TV channels.

Please continue to support our objective, facts-based work. Thank you.

Yes, 'ordinary people' CAN make a difference

Many people like you, our readers, have expressed their profound concerns about the current state of democracy and the direction where this great country of ours is headed. Brexit Facts4EU.Org continues to work behind the scenes - in addition to what you read on our website and in social media - to pressure the Government and MPs.

It has always been everyday people like you who made it possible for Facts4EU.Org to exist and to provide this service. We present facts-based research that most of the MSM fails to provide, and through that give a voice to a more commonsense approach that is shared and sought by so many people, still not being heard as it often differs from the 'party line' or 'right thing to say'.

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics | Johns Hopkins University | Our World in Data ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

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