Can ‘Mackrel’ afford to ban British holidaymakers? EU admits foreign tourism down 80%

As Macron and Merkel plot EU-wide ban on Brexit Britain, we reveal the extent of the EU’s crisis

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Some EU countries have seen falls of up to 90%, with devastating impacts on economies

The latest official figures from the EU on its tourism industry make bleak reading – especially for those countries which rely on foreign tourism for a significant part of their income.

Meanwhile, this week German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron continue to try to persuade all EU countries to impose an EU-wide ban on British holiday-makers. Already, countries such as France and Greece are only allowing double-vaccinated British visitor> Without both doses they must self-quarantine, which makes a holiday meaningless.

The EU loses a billion nights of sleep

Facts4EU.Org has analysed the latest data from the EU’s official statistics agency and can reveal the extent of the impact that has been felt by countries across the EU27, as they contemplate another disastrous summer season.

The number of nights spent at EU tourist accommodation establishments by foreign visitors dropped by 79.7% between April 2020 and March 2021, compared with the previous 12 months. This amounts to 1.05 billion fewer nights.

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The total number of nights spent in the EU by foreign tourists reduced by over 1 billion

Apr 2020 – Mar 2021, compared to same period in previous year

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Among the EU Member States with available data, the highest decreases were recorded in Spain (-90%), Romania (-89%), Hungary and Finland (both -88%), Czech Republic (-87%), Malta (-85%), and Portugal (-84%).

Note: Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Greece, and Ireland all failed to provide figures to the EU Commission, so are not included in the chart above.


With another EU meeting scheduled in Brussels for this week, it seems that Chancellor Merkel and President Macron have not given up on their fight to impose the most stringent EU-wide conditions on British holiday-makers this summer.

They failed in this attempt at the EU summit last week, but are reported to be continuing to pressure other EU member states to prevent holiday-makers from Brexit Britain from visiting any EU country this season.

With foreign visitors down 80%, and with some EU countries heavily reliant on tourism as a significant part of their economies, it must be asked just how far some EU leaders are prepared to go in their attempts to punish the British people for voting to leave the EU empire.

Daily deaths in the UK in any way related to Covid continue to be well below those seen in the EU. Yesterday, just 11 deaths were reported across the UK ‘with Covid’. This is only 0.66% of the average number of daily deaths (1657) from all causes. The EU’s rate is equally small, but is nevertheless three times that of the United Kingdom.

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[ Sources: EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 29 Jun 2021

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