Average Brit barely pollutes planet’s air at all, compared to rest of the world

Will Government’s new plans for ‘green levies’ result in carbon-taxing us to a standstill?

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Brits aren’t the problem – we are only the world’s 65th CO2 gas emitter, per capita

Brexit Facts4EU.Org and the British Public's right to know

Facts4EU.Org shines a (low wattage) light on some uncomfortable truths
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Part One in a new occasional Facts4EU.Org series on the climate change / carbon taxes debate

Yesterday in Parliament the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, revealed the Government’s plans for carbon-neutral transport in the post-Covid world. If you ever want to leave your home in the future - and are allowed to do so by the Government - this affects you.

Many readers have contacted us in the last couple of years, asking that we shine the same bright light on the whole climate change debate as we have done on Brexit, democracy, freedom, independence, and other topics such as educational standards and wokery. In this, our first report on climate change, we provide some basic but vital information in order to set the backdrop to this contentious issue. As always we will use official sources for all our facts, even if we doubt them, so that climate change extremists have nowhere to go.

We start by asking two basic questions

  1. How much is the average British person responsible for, in terms of CO2 gas emissions?
  2. Given that there are 67 million of us, where does this put the UK in terms of total world output?

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

British people barely pollute the planet’s air at all, compared to the rest of the world

(All figures are the latest available, for 2019. See sources below.)

1. The UK’s average CO2 gas emissions per person

  • The average British person is the 65th-ranked emitter in the World
  • Average CO2 per capita in the UK : 5.5 tonnes
  • This compares with Australians and Americans on over 16 tonnes each
  • Even ‘green-obsessed’ Canadians are on 15.4 tonnes per person

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2. The UK’s total CO2 output compared to other countries

  • The UK’s total output is 369.9 million tonnes and is ranked 17th in the World
  • By comparison, China’s is 10,175 million tonnes (27 times higher)
  • The World’s top 10 emitters account for a full 2/3rds of the entire World’s emissions
  • The UK accounts for just 1% of World emissions, despite being the World's 5th largest economy

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Sources: Oxford's Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser (2020) - "CO₂ and Greenhouse Gas Emissions" using OWID conversions from the Global Carbon Project (2020). Supplemental data of Global Carbon Budget 2020 (Version 1.0). https://doi.org/10.18160/gcp-2020. All data conforms to the standards of the IPCC — Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


During our research on climate change in recent months it has seemed to us that there is more data on this than tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere. A great deal of this information is highly technical and we consider a lot of the studies to be dubious, based on false premises, and funded by ‘interested parties’. This is why we have focused on the ‘official’ information, even if we have our doubts about some of this too.

Are you, dear reader, interested in us condensing some of the facts about climate change into easily-digestible reports such as the one above? Please let us know in the Comments section below or by writing to us here. At the same time we also have to continue our work on Brexit, Covid, and the re-establishment of a fully free, independent and sovereign country of the type that most people want to live in.

Governments are making plans for your lives right now

Yesterday the Transport Secretary started outlining some of the Government’s latest thinking on climate change measures in the United Kingdom. These will affect every man, woman and child in the country – financially and in terms of future lifestyle and freedoms. At the very least these deserve the most intense scrutiny.

In addition, yesterday in Brussels the EU outlined its own proposals for carbon taxing.

At this point we can be sure of two things

  1. These ‘green policies’ are going to cost each of us a great deal of money, and
  2. The UK Government’s and the EU’s directions of travel are..... well..... for us not to travel

The right to know

Whatever the rights and wrongs and necessities, we can also be sure of one more thing. The public should be fully informed about what is being proposed in their name - and the full nature, scope, and costs of the consequences – but they won’t be. We would like to do our bit in putting this right.

Can you help us in funding our work on this subject? It will involve researching more reports such as the one above, highlighting key facts for the public and politicians in a very readable way, and promoting this work to the media and to decision-makers. Please donate something today, if you can.

Facts4EU.Org and you

We have far more to do in researching, publishing, campaigning and lobbying Parliament than we have in terms of the financial resources to fulfil these tasks. We badly need funding to continue - we rely 100% on public donations from readers like you. We are a 'not for profit' team (we make a loss) and any donation goes towards the actual work, not plush London offices, lunch or taxi expenses, or other luxuries of some organisations. Nor do we ask you for further donations if you donate once - we just hope that you keep supporting us. Your donation stays anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

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[ Sources: OWID / IPCC ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 15 Jul 2021

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