Today, words such as ‘father’, ‘mother’, ‘son’ to be banned in US laws

On first full day back, US legislators set to outlaw normal words for male and female

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The new Totalitarian Woke World will be here soon, unless we act now

Brexit Facts4EU.Org only covers non-Brexit events in other countries when they are important.
This is important.

After a delayed start yesterday, today is the first full day of the opening session of the 2021 US House of Representatives. A new set of rules introduced by the Democrat chairman of the Rules Committee will be voted on by all members. Amongst other things, it governs the language which US Representatives may use in legislation.

The new ‘Rules of the House’ include dozens of newly-proscribed words which may no longer be used in Bills put before the House. It also invents entirely new words which do not even exist in the dictionary, such as “themself”, to replace “himself” and “herself”. Our Editor’s “favourite nephew” becomes his “favourite child of his sibling-in-laws”.

How long before this nonsense comes to the House of Commons?
And how long before we are all forced to obey?

© US House of Representatives

Below Facts4EU.Org presents a translation dictionary, based on our research of the new resolution regarding ‘Rules of the House of Representatives for the One Hundred Seventeenth Congress’. We assure readers that this is not a joke. This really is the list of newly-prohibited words devised in this Democrat-led House, and the officially-approved replacement words which US Representatives must now use in all legislation.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

'US Democrat - English Dictionary'

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[Source: Resolution to adopt the Rules of the House of Representatives for the One Hundred Seventeenth Congress, and for other purposes, Jan 2021]

The hypocrisy of the woke, anti-Brexit, ‘Democrats’ knows no bounds – nor shame

Yesterday evening the Speaker of the House – the anti-Brexit Nancy Pelosi – was narrowly re-elected to her powerful position. As an example of her anti-British feeling, in September we reported her statement: “If the U.K. violates its international agreements and Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be absolutely no chance of a U.S.-U.K. trade agreement passing the Congress.”

On Friday (New Year's Day) Facts4EU.Org was alerted to today’s moves to start banning everyday words recognising the male and female genders by a press statement from Ms Pelosi’s office.

In her acceptance speech yesterday Ms Pelosi mentioned “With me in spirit are my mother and father, and my brother, Tommy.” What she meant to say of course, was “With me in spirit are my parent and parent, and my sibling, Tommy.”

The House Speaker ‘themself’, the President-elect & Vice President-elect need ‘re-education’

We decided to take a look at Ms Pelosi’s Twitter profile, as well as that of the Chairman of the House Rules Committee Jim McGovern, who drew up the latest language bans. We were disappointed to see that on their public profiles they are both still using outdated and reactionary words such as “mother”, “grandmother”, and "dad".

Sources: Nancy Pelosi's and Jim McGovern's Twitter profiles, 03 Jan 2021

Incidentally, someone also needs to have a word with the assumptive President-elect, Joe Biden. His Twitter profile refers to him being a “proud father and grandfather”. Tut, tut. And his assumptive Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris really must stop referring to herself as an “auntie” when in fact she is a “parent’s sibling”.

Assuming the new Rules are adopted today, we should all be worried

Until these Rules are approved today, no new Bills may be presented. This was confirmed yesterday on the floor of the House: “The Chair announced that because the rules of the 117th Congress have not yet been adopted, the right of Members to introduce bills, and the authority of the Speaker to refer them, was delayed. The Chair stated that submitted bills would be held until adoption of the rules”

[From the report of the Clerk’s Office, 03 Jan 2021]


We don't usually comment on internal politics of an ally

Regular readers know that we do not often depart from our core activity of researching and publishing facts about Brexit and the EU. When we saw the press release from Nancy Pelosi's office on Friday, however, we were alarmed.

The new Rules of the US House of Representatives which are expected to be passed today are, in our view, another dangerous step along the road to a totalitarian, thought-police culture, embodied by a political class who are a million miles away from the thinking and the concerns of ordinary voters.

We hope readers will understand why we felt it important to report on this. If not, we're sure you'll let us know in the comments below.

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[ Sources: US House of Representatives | House Speaker's Office | House Clerk's Office ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 04 Jan 2021

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