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Erasmus? No, the UK is learning to be an independent country again

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Globally-outward Turing Scheme will give UK students a truly international experience

As the song says “We believe that children are our future”. Clichés aside, in the coming days Brexit Facts4EU.Org looks at the important area of the education of our young people – particularly in relation to the new opportunities post-Brexit. We will dispel Rejoiner myths and provide real facts for readers, form official and reputable sources.

Today we start with some political perspectives.

Erasmus+ and the First Minister of Scotland

For many, one of the most surprising pieces of news during the Christmas period was the announcement that after Brexit the UK would no longer participate in the EU’s ‘Erasmus+’ scheme for young people.

Ever since that moment there have been howls of outrage from the usual quarters, not the least of which being the SNP and its anti-British, pro-EU leader Nicola Sturgeon.

“There will be lots of focus - rightly - on the economic costs of Brexit. But ending UK participation in Erasmus - an initiative that has expanded opportunities and horizons for so many young people - is cultural vandalism by the UK government.

- Nicola Sturgeon, 24 Dec 2020

A quiet moment of satisfaction

Over the past few years Brexit Facts4EU.Org led the charge against staying in Erasmus+, publishing dozens of reports and repeatedly calling on the Government to reverse its decision. We did so in the face of a concerted campaign by pro-EU academic bodies, and firm and public Government commitments to retain the EU scheme.

In the end our efforts to present the truth about Erasmus+ succeeded and seemingly out of nowhere the Government did a complete U-turn at Christmas. For once this was a U-turn which was greatly welcomed in the Facts4EU.Org office, if not in Ms Sturgeon’s home in Glasgow.

The replacement for Erasmus+ is called the “Turing Scheme”

Here is what we know about it so far.

Summary of Government announcement about the new student exchange programme

“Thousands of students will be able to study and do work placements across the world through a brand new scheme that replaces the UK’s participation in Erasmus+.

The Turing scheme will be backed by over £100 million, providing funding for around 35,000 students in universities, colleges and schools to go on placements and exchanges overseas, starting in September 2021.

The new scheme will also target students from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas which did not previously have many students benefiting from Erasmus+, making life-changing opportunities accessible to everyone across the country.

The programme will provide similar opportunities for students to study and work abroad as the Erasmus+ programme but it will include countries across the world and aims to deliver greater value for money to taxpayers.

The UK will reap the rewards from the investment, by boosting students’ skills and prospects, benefiting UK employers, and supporting Global Britain’s ties with international partners.”

- Department of Education, 26 Dec 2020

Back to Ms Sturgeon and the SNP

There was a time, before the SNP government, when Scotland was reputed to have one of the best education systems in the world. Sadly this is no longer the case.

University ‘rankings’ are always going to involve subjective measures, naturally. That said, readers might consider that the Times Higher Educational Supplement annual rankings still have some worldwide credibility. They are certainly given credence around the world.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

  • We looked for a Scottish university in the world top 10
  • An English university came top, another English university came sixth, no Scottish university appeared
  • We then looked for a Scottish university in the world top 20
  • Two more English universities, but no Scottish university appeared

So, four English universities in the world top 20, including Oxford at no.1, but no Scottish universities.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org then looked at Times’ rankings for universities in Europe.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings
“Best universities in Europe 2021”

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - click to enlarge

  • Seven English universities in the top 10
  • No Scottish university appeared
  • We then looked at the top 20 universities in Europe
  • Two more English universities, but no Scottish university appeared

Tomorrow we will provide the devastating facts to show why the UK Government was right to withdraw from the EU’s ‘youth indoctrination’ project.


For far too long Nicola Sturgeon has been allowed to get away with a daily stream of political and ideological propaganda which rivals even that of the EU Commission. She and her team are so prolific in the mainstream media, on social media, and on television, it’s surprising any of them can get any actual work done.

Perhaps this helps to explain why so many measures of the performance of the Scottish economy and of societal metrics such as educational standards are now looking so dire, north of the border.

We believe that when the Scottish people see the facts, they will once again reaffirm their support for the Union. We intend to provide these. If the civil servants and UK Government at Westminster won’t or can’t do it, someone has to.

Yesterday we contacted the Dept of Education for more details on the new Turing Scheme for overseas placement of UK students. They were not able to provide information further to what we have published above, but we will continue our dialogue with them.

For now we are simply happy that our young people will no longer be brainwashed at UK taxpayer expense, into the ideologies of the totalitarian machine-operators who inhabit the corridors of Brussels.

Are subjects like this important?

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Covid measures have hit many people's incomes. The whole Covid thing has certainly hit the level of donations we receive, which were already less than we needed to survive. We are most grateful to readers who have donated in recent days, but we badly need more readers to do the same.

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[ Sources: Nicola Sturgeon Twitter account | EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 05 Jan 2021

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