AT LAST - The truth about EU immigration into the UK is revealed

Proof that the EU has been giving us false information for all these years

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“EU27 citizens living in UK: 3.6 million,” says EU, yet OVER 5 MILLION have already applied to stay

Today Brexit Facts4EU.Org exposes the fake news we have been fed by the EU for so many years.

For years – since before the EU Referendum – Brexit Facts4EU.Org warned about the quality of official data reported by the EU’s official statistics agency on some important subjects. One such subject was immigration, where we repeatedly stated that we felt the number of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom was consistently and grossly understated, and that the number of British citizens living in the EU was consistently and grossly overstated.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

In the end, the EU can’t hide over 5 million of its people wanting to stay in the UK

This is the equivalent of more than the populations of Wales and Northern Ireland combined

  • 5.06 million EU27 nationals have already applied to stay permanently in the UK
  • This number will rise before the deadline in June
  • Yet the EU still only admit to 3.66 million
  • Meanwhile Remainers continue to talk of “1.5 million Brits living in the EU”
  • But the EU’s own official figures show only 849,451 Britons in EU countries

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Today we present proof that we were right to be concerned about EU data

On Thursday (11 Feb 2021) the UK Home Office released the official data for the applications that have been made by EU27 nationals already resident in the UK to acquire ‘settled status’ after Brexit. In effect this allows them and their family members the right to settle in the United Kingdom, and in many cases these rights exceed those of nationals of non-EU countries.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org has now analysed the latest UK Home Office data and it shows what we have always maintained. The Remainers’ claim of “3 million EU citizens in the UK” was vastly understated and the true number is in fact more that 5 million.

Please note that the figure of 5,060,600 relates purely to those EU citizens living in the UK who have applied for residency status. It does not include those who have yet to apply. We believe this number will grow still further in the remaining five months before the deadline for applications is reached at the end of June.

Total number of applications by nation as of 31 January 2021

  • England : 4,571,500
  • Scotland : 252,400
  • Wales : 83,800
  • Northern Ireland : 81,800

The latest headline figures, derived from internal management information show that:

  • Overall, the total number of applications received up to 31 January 2021 was 5,060,600
  • The total number of applications decided up to 31 January 2021 was 4,678,300

UK citizens living in the EU has been consistently overstated

We can also reveal that the Remainers’ claim of “1.5 million UK citizens living in the EU” countries was equally false. This was dramatically overstated. The latest figures from the EU Commission show that only 849,451 UK citizens are resident in EU countries. (Nb This does not include Malta and Cyprus, which do not report these figures.)


Readers are familiar with the stream of propaganda of all types and on all subjects emanating from the EU and from Remainer-Rejoiners in the United Kingdom. Many of the claims that have been made are wildly inaccurate and they were often based on no facts at all.

In the past five years we have researched tens of thousands of official facts from the EU Commission, from EU member countries, and from the UK Government, to rebut all the outlandish claims.

Our report above is another in the long line of revelations we have published over the years. The truth is that far more EU citizens made their homes in the UK than was ever admitted by the EU or by British politicians. Five million, and counting. And the latest data for British citizens living in the EU is less than 850,000 – far less than has repeatedly been claimed.

We are pleased to be able to set the record straight.

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[ Sources: UK Home Office | EU Commission official statistics agency ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 13 Feb 2021

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