Since the EU Referendum, jobs are up, wages are up – only Project Fear is down

Analysis of official Government data shows how wrong the state-backed Remain campaign was

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Facts4EU.Org shows how Brexit Britain continues to prove what Leave voters always believed

Just over five years ago, millions of British people in jobs gritted their teeth and voted to leave the European Union. They did so in the face of official forecasts from the then Chancellor, pro-EU Remainer George Osborne and his pro-Remain Treasury Department that over half a million of them would almost immediately lose their jobs if they voted Leave.

Here is a screengrab we took at the time of the BBC's coverage of this.

Above: The BBC's then economics editor reporting on the Chancellor's and Prime Minister's dire forecasts of job losses, 2016, © BBC

The reality has of course turned out to be very different

Facts4EU.Org has analysed the latest employment and earnings data released by the Office for National Statistics this month. Below we once again put the architects of the state-sponsored Project Fear propaganda to the sword and ask when they will be brought to account.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Jobs and wages - both are up 'despite Brexit' and despite Project Fear

From June 2016 (before the EU Referendum) to Feb 2020 (the start of COVID-19)

1. No.of people in employment: Up by 1,326,325

  • Full-time employment: Up by 1,271,399
  • Part-time employment: Up by 54,926

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2. Median monthly pay: Up by 11.3%

  • In June 2016, pre-Referendum, median monthly pay was £1,652 per month
  • In Feb 2020, pre-Covid, median pay was £1,838 per month
  • That’s a rise of £186 per month, or 11.3%

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[ Source: UK Office for National Statistics, suite of reports produced on 17 Aug 2021 ]

What happened when COVID-19 hit?

From February 2020 onwards the COVID-19 crisis and the measures taken by Government have had a dramatic effect on the UK economy, as they have on economies worldwide.

Facts4EU.Org’s charts above show what happened from when the British people voted to leave the European Union to the start of the COVID crisis. But what happened to jobs and wages after that?

From June 2016 (before the EU Referendum) to June 2021:-

  • Employment has naturally fallen from its highs
  • But is still up by 529,341 compared to before the Referendum
  • Median monthly pay has just continued to rise
  • It is up by £315 per month (19.1%) compared to before the Referendum


This fight was - and is - about freedom

In 2016 the state-backed Remain campaign decided that the way to guarantee a Remain victory in the EU Referendum was to scare the living daylights out of people. They concentrated on economic arguments, and produced official Government forecasts (as well as forecasts from any international body they could persuade) showing massive job losses, economic hardship, and all manner of other things.

Facts4EU.Org has always argued that the 52%-48% win for the Leave campaign would have been more than 60%-40% without the fear factor induced by the Government and others, leaving people worried about their jobs and their livelihoods.

As it was, the Remain campaign failed to realise that for a great many people the key issue was sovereignty and the ability to act as a free and independent country again. A country with its own laws, border controls, taxes, foreign policy, and social policies. A sufficient number of people looked at the Government’s dire forecasts of economic Armageddon if they voted Leave and in true British Bulldog fashion said “we want our freedom, no matter the cost”.

In Brexit Britain, jobs are up, wages are up, and Project Fear is down

Above, Facts4EU.Org has once again put to the sword the absurd and apocalyptic threats from David Cameron, George Osborne, and the entire UK and global Establishment which were lined up to intimidate the British people.

In Brexit Britain, jobs are up, wages are up, and the majority of the country is now looking ahead to a bright future. Surely it really is now time for the dwindling (but highly vocal) number of pro-EU politicians and campaigners to stop putting down their own country and apply their energies to something positive instead? And is it not time for some of the worst propagandists for the EU to apologise for misleading the British public in such an egregious way?

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[ Sources: UK Office for National Statistics, suite of reports produced on 17 Aug 2021 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Bank Holiday Mon, 30 Aug 2021

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