“Prime Minister, this is the biggest single Brexit initiative since the EU Referendum”

16 major Brexit campaigning organisations unite in common message to PM and MPs

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Join the ‘Big Brexit Initiative’ today and promote a free, independent, and sovereign UK

With the new lockdown announced by Boris Johnson on Saturday night, here’s an important new Brexit announcement to break things up. The largest-ever number of major Brexit campaigning groups have united behind a simple message to the PM and MPs:-

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

“We call on you, Prime Minister, to rescind and void the Withdrawal Agreement
in order to deliver on your General Election manifesto promises of December 2019,
or else face millions of voters who will feel utterly betrayed.”

“Please do not let the country down”

- 16 Brexit organisations, including Facts4EU.Org, The City for Britain, and the Bruges Group, plus 25 key individuals

You can download the entire letter to the Prime Minister here.

16 major Brexit organisations, 25 key individuals have all signed

Never before have so many major Brexit campaigning organisations combined behind one message to Government. Collectively these organisations reflect the views of millions of voters who took the PM at his word that there would be no political alignment with the EU.

All logos are © of each organisation

The names of the Brexit organisations who have signed the Big Brexit Initiative are: Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Alliance of British Entrepreneurs, Brexit-Watch, The Bruges Group, Get Britain Out, Global Britain, Green Leaves, Invoke Democracy Now, Labour Leave, Out and Proud, Scientists for Britain, Scots for Leave, The City for Britain, The Time Party, Think Scotland, and Veterans for Britain.

Individual signatories

25 key individuals, including a former Minister of State, five professors, and 13 former MEPs (who have a unique insight into how the EU really works) have all signed the letter in a personal capacity.

Pictured right: The Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe DSG, former Minister of State, former MEP, and one of the signatories

With just 60 days to go, the Prime Minister must act

Today, Monday 02 November, there are just 60 days until the end of the Transition Period, at which point the UK will enter into a new relationship with the EU. As things stand, this new relationship will be governed by the EU’s ongoing Withdrawal Agreement, including its Northern Ireland Protocol.

“Any trade deal struck by the UK Government with the EU before 31 December must NOT leave in place the onerous and unacceptable obligations of the Withdrawal Agreement, several of which fail to meet normal standards for international treaties between sovereign countries. These failings will become increasingly apparent as the country nears the next general election,

- The 16 Brexit groups to the Prime Minister and MPs

The Brexit organisations lay out the legal facts

The letter to Boris Johnson includes a legal page which asserts that:

“The EU’s Withdrawal Agreement splits the United Kingdom, leaves it subject to EU law for generations to come, and involves a massive and complex divorce bill.

“Unless specific steps are taken to rescind this Agreement, it will continue to apply to the UK for the long term with debilitating effects on our laws, freedom of action, and sovereignty – with or without a trade deal.”

- 16 Brexit organisations, including Facts4EU.Org, The City for Britain, and the Bruges Group, plus 25 key individuals

The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration were predicated on the EU acting in good faith in the prompt negotiation of a trade deal with the UK.

The EU has failed to use its best endeavours in fulfilling this obligation and is therefore in material breach of the Agreement. This gives the right to the UK Government to rescind the Agreement and it must do so before 31 December 2020.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

What can ordinary voters do?

Today we are urging all those who voted for a free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom to stand up and be counted. If you would like to do something positive to help, there are two things you can do:-

© No.10

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Letter to the Prime Minister

Please sign and send

Letter to your MP

Please add his/her name, your details, sign and send

You can find your MP’s contact details here.


The ‘Big Brexit Initiative’ has taken weeks of solid and persistent work to put together and the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team is proud to have created and led this.

We have received so many emails and messages from the public that the strength of feeling is clear. Now we must ensure that the Prime Minister and all MPs know, and act accordingly. We have not been through four-and-a-half years, repelling repeated attempts to overturn the largest democratic vote in UK history, to be sold out at the last minute.

The ‘Big Brexit Initiative’ demonstrates that the major Brexit organisations feel strongly enough about the Withdrawal Agreement and its effect on the UK’s future that they have put small differences aside. They have now urged the Prime Minister to do the right thing on perhaps the single most important issue facing our country after Covid-19.

Will you, personally, act now?

We know that doing nothing, or sending an email, is so much easier than sending a physical letter, but if you could make the effort to email and send letters this will make far, far more impact. Let’s inundate No.10 - and MPs’ pigeon-holes in the Commons - with letters.

Please print off, sign, scan, and email this letter to the Prime Minister today. Then please physically post your letter. These days online petitions get almost ignored. Tens of thousands of emails and sackfuls of physical mail are much harder to ignore.

Then please do the same with the letter which we have bespoked for you to send to your MP.

Finally, if you value this initiative, could we ask you to do one final thing? We must keep going and see Brexit through. The only way we can do this is with your help. Please make a donation to our work today – particularly if you have never done so before.

Less than 1% of our readers donate and we have no foreign billionaires backing us. (Or domestic billionaires, come to that.) If we could treble this percentage we would be able to keep going and do so much more to ensure a free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom. Quick, secure, and confidential donation methods are linked to below this article. Thank you so much.

Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 02 Nov 2020

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