VIDEO – Latest phase of Big Brexit Initiative takes off

Yesterday’s open letter to Boris Johnson by Brexit organisations is flying

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Facts4EU.Org presents latest Westmonster video on urgent call to PM to walk away

Yesterday, Thur 19 Nov 2020, Boris Johnson received an open letter from the major Brexit campaigning organisations and influential individuals, urging him strongly to walk away from the trade talks from the EU if – as expected – the meeting of EU27 leaders produced no progress.

EU Council meeting conclusions – UK-EU trade talks not even mentioned by President Michel

There are now just six weeks to go until the UK exits the Transition Period. The UK-EU trade talks are still not remotely near a ‘Heads of Terms’ agreement, with the EU continuing to insist on fundamental demands which no independent country in the world could accept.

Incredibly, in his formal remarks yesterday evening after the close of the video conference EU Council President Charles Michel did not even mention Brexit or the trade talks.

This is despite the fact that this was the date by which the basic principles were supposed to have been agreed. Readers can see his remarks here.

The EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, did not make any mention of the trade talks either, in her statement which you can read here.

Even yesterday’s ‘deadline’ was as result of the previous ‘deadline’ of 15 October - set by Boris Johnson - having been passed. The EU itself had set its own ‘deadline’ of 31 October. It now looks like the next ‘deadline’ will be the EU Summit on 10-11 December – only three weeks before the UK exits the EU’s ‘Transition Period’.

Big Brexit Initiative video by Westmonster

An excellent summary of the latest Big Brexit Initiative has been produced by Michael Heaver and the Westmonster team, and this was released on YouTube yesterday evening.

If the video does not appear in your browser, please click here.

Within hours this video had already been watched 18,000 times, and it is likely to reach some 40,000 views in the next two days.

In addition, Brexit Facts4EU.Org’s messaging yesterday about the open letter to Boris Johnson was the most popular in months, with some 60,000 views on the first day – despite no mainstream media coverage at all. We expect this to rise to over a quarter of a million, as happened with Phase One of the Big Brexit Initiative at the start of the month.

Do something positive for Brexit – sign, print and send the letter to the PM today

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

What can ordinary voters do?

We are urging all those who voted for a free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom to stand up and be counted. If you would like to do something positive to help, there are two things you can do:-

© No.10

© Parliament

Letter to the Prime Minister
Please sign and send today
The Big Brexit Initiative letter No.2

Letter to your MP
Please add his/her name, your details, sign and send
The voter's 'MP letter' version

You can find your MP’s contact details here.


There is one thing we know about those who run No.10. They have relied heavily on the outcomes of ‘focus groups’ in determining policy priorities. Now that Dominic Cummings – apparently a great believer in focus groups – has departed, there is an excellent opportunity to influence the PM by the exercise of people power.

You may never have sent a letter to the Prime Minister before. Indeed you may well be out of the habit of sending letters at all. Today we ask you to do just one thing for Brexit. Please print off the letter, sign it, and send it to Boris Johnson. You may have to pop out and buy stamps and envelopes, but you will have done something worthwhile.

Imagine if Boris received tens of thousands of letters in the coming days? It may not be the major factor in him breaking off the trade talks with the EU and preparing for full independence on 01 January 2021, but it might just be the tipping point.

Please send a letter today if you possibly can.

The Big Brexit Initiative has taken a lot of work.
Let’s all leverage that to get a free, independent, and sovereign country back again.

And if you can help us to keep going in these critical times with a donation – large or small – we really do need your help. Quick, secure, and confidential donation methods are below this article and you will receive a warm and friendly ‘thank you’ email from a member of our team.

Remember, you will not be funding plush London offices, nor long lunches, nor taxis, nor expense accounts. Instead you will be making a contribution to the work of people who quite literally work through the night to bring you well-researched official facts which you would not otherwise see, and who initiate important campaigns to influence policy.

Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 20 Nov 2020

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