EXCLUSIVE: The EU has INCREASED its greenhouse gas emissions for years

Meanwhile the UK's emissions continue to fall fast

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UK is the clean man of Europe, while figures show EU27 are polluting more

This exclusive Brexit Facts4EU.Org analysis of the EU’s own report shows that the climate extremists of Brussels have increased greenhouse gas emissions across the EU27 since 2014.

No-one amongst the peoples of all the EU countries voted for this, but in July last year Frau von der Leyen decided her “Green Deal” was to be the EU’s No.1 policy priority. She decided this before any of the rest of her unelected Commissioners had even been appointed.

Here is how the EU itself describes this on its website:

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a central objective of European policies
to limit global warming and climate change.”

- Eurostat, accessed 12 March 2020

The above quote comes from the EU’s statisticians at Eurostat. The rhetoric from the unelected eurocrats at the EU Commmision has of course been even more strident on this subject. For many years the EU has been lecturing the rest of the world on the need to address climate change.

There’s just one problem.

The UK is getting cleaner and the EU27 are getting dirtier

Brexit Facts4EU.Org took a close look at the latest figures produced by the EU on greenhouse gas emissions, as these were part of a propaganda / ‘information’ exercise conducted by the EU Commission through its statistics agency this month.

Our analysis shows that the UK is getting cleaner and more fragrant. It’s the EU27 who are the dirty boys and girls of Europe.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

EU’s latest figures on greenhouse gas emissions

  • The EU27 are the dirty boys and girls of Europe
  • The UK comes out smelling of roses

Since the IPCC report was produced in 2014 for the Paris COP climate change conference, the following has happened to greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EU:--

  • In the EU27 greenhouse gas emissions went up by 9.5%
  • In the UK greenhouse gas emissions went down by 2.6%

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Let’s go further back, as climate change has been going on for millennia

The EU has data from 1990, so that is what we have used. Since 1990 this is what has happened to greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EU:-

  • In the EU27 greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by only 19% since 1990 and are now rising again
  • In the UK greenhouse gas emissions have fallen twice as fast, by an impressive 38%, and are still falling fast

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Until around two weeks ago, it seemed it was barely possible to move amongst EU press statements and releases without suffocating under messages about the new EU Commission’s “Green Deal”.

Now of course the EU Commission is mostly publishing about the Coronavirus, with some additional pieces about the renewed immigration crisis on Greece’s borders (and breakdown of its deal with Turkey), as well as some concerns about the collapse of the Italian economy.

With the exception of the Coronavirus we have a strange sense of déjà vu.

After months of the new Commission talking about “the climate emergency”, which itself follows many years of talking about “climate change”, we cannot let them off the hook. Their Green Deal remains their top policy objective.

The EU's new climate law, Greta Thunberg, and our young people

On Wednesday last week (04 March 2020), the EU Commission adopted its proposal for a ‘European Climate Law’. Amid much hullabaloo Commission President von der Leyen had invited Greta Thunberg to attend.

It was therefore somewhat embarrassing for the Commission that Miss Thunberg slammed the new law and its objectives as a ‘surrender’. It seems there is no pleasing some people.

We just thought that all the climate emergency protestors in the UK – most of whom seem to be Remoaners/Rejoiners – should know how badly the EU has been doing on greenhouse gas emissions compared to the United Kingdom.

During the Referendum campaign we were told over and over again by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and her colleagues how it was the EU that was almost solely responsible for protecting the UK environment. Worse still, an entire generation has grown up being brainwashed into this way of thinking, by an eco-supporting teaching profession which overwhelmingly voted Remain.

Climate soundbites to remember:

In 30 years the UK has reduced greenhouse gas emissions twice as quickly as the EU27
Emissions are now falling even faster in the UK but are rising again in the EU27

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[ Sources: IPCC | EU Commission - Eurostat ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 12 Mar 2020

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