Will Coronavirus be used to kill Brexit?

Remainer establishment pushes to stop Brexit due to COVID-19

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An essential Brexit Facts4EU.Org report on Brexit and COVID-19

Since the weekend there have been disturbing reports that the UK Government will ask the EU for an extension to the Transition Period, because of the Corona virus. Elements of the pro-EU press have been keen to talk up this theory, despite government denials.

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Yesterday the Telegraph’s Europhile Europe Editor reported that :

“Although a final decision has yet to be made by Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, The Telegraph understands from highly-placed sources that the Government accepts it will need to seek an extension before the June deadline expires.”

Here is the opening paragraph of the New York Times article about Coronavirus and Brexit on Saturday:-

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“LONDON — As leaders on both sides of the English Channel batten down the hatches for the coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain is coming under rising pressure to ask the European Union for an extension in its negotiations to reach a trade agreement — in effect, putting off the next stage of Brexit until the virus exits.”

- NYT, Sat 14 Mar 2020

The EU is already video-conferencing its EU Council Summits – what’s the problem?

One of the arguments being used by Remainers is that it is not possible for trade negotiators from the UK and the EU to get together in the same room.

Below is a photo of the new EU Council President, the Belgian Charles Michel, chairing the special summit of EU leaders yesterday. He did so using video-conferencing to the 27 capital cities.

© EU Council

This was of course a very sensitive discussion between the heads of government of 27 countries. What was said – had it been hacked – could have moved financial markets. It is therefore obvious that the security of the video-conferencing systems being used is not an issue.

The second major narrative now being deployed is that civil servants are needed on COVID-19, and that they must be taken off Brexit duties. We comment on this in our ‘Observations’ below this article.

Winter 'flu has killed 18 times more people than COVID-19 in the first 12 weeks of this year

Two weeks ago we published an article giving readers basic comparisons between Coronavirus and ordinary winter ’flu. Winter ’flu kills over 10,000 people per week, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the US Center for Disaease Control (US-CDC).

Below is our latest update, correct as of 4am today, Wed 18 Mar 2020. We present this information in order to give readers a sense of perspective on the figures they are hearing and reading about.

The Coronavirus was first notified to the WHO at the end of December 2019 - 12 weeks ago - so this is a fair comparison.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Coronavirus vs. Winter flu

In the 12 weeks since the Coronavirus COVID-19 was identified:-

  • This new virus has killed 7529 people worldwide, according to the WHO at 4am this morning
  • Winter 'flu has killed 18 times more people than COVID-19 in the first 12 weeks of this year

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Readers may not yet be fully aware but it is clear to us that there is yet another concerted campaign under way by the anti-democratic establishment and by Remoaner campaigners to stop Brexit. This campaign is now gathering momentum and must be stopped in its tracks.

We do not accept that COVID-19 represents any reason to stop the implementation of the long-thwarted, democratic decision of the British people to leave the European Union. Any civil servants currently deployed as part of the trade negotiating team are unlikely to be of much use to the teams dealing with the COVID virus. Indeed, if they were not trade specialists then they shouldn't be in the job.

When it comes to holding talks by video-conference, the technology has been in place for 20 years. Above we have shown how the EU Council used it only yesterday, hooking up 27 leaders in the different capitals, plus the unelected EU Council officials in Brussels.

Finally, the economics. As we have reported over recent days the EU has proved itself wholly incapable of dealing with the COVID situation. Nevertheless it is now trying to exert some form of central control.

Never has it been more important for the UK to escape completely from this totalitarian and homogenising nightmare. For four years we have shown how the nature and interests of the individual EU countries are far apart and frequently have little in common. The UK will be much better off being independent. This applies going into this crisis and most definitely in coming out of it.

Let's always keep a sense of proportion

In terms of actual numbers, so far the impact of the Coronavirus compared to winter ’flu has been negligible. And yet our entire lives are on shut-down, the world’s economies are collapsing, and even Brexit is now under threat.

Once again we must make the usual caveat. Of course we feel for anyone who loses a loved one from the Coronavirus, just as we do for those who lose loved ones from winter ’flu, cancer, heart conditions or any other of a thousand different causes. We must also stress once again that we are not doctors nor epidemiologists.

Nevertheless we are fairly expert at distilling real data into simple facts. It is now two weeks since our first report on this and we simply cannot understand why our work has not been reported anywhere. Undaunted, we have updated the figures and have presented you with the new chart above.

At the time of writing there is no definitive mortality rate for this virus, nor any definitive incubation period.

Some of the measures now being taken by the UK and EU governments will cause deaths. Incarcerating old people in their homes for weeks on end will do this on its own. In the UK at the time of writing the death toll from this virus according to the WHO is 55, almost all of whom had underlying health conditions.

We really hope that someone knows what they’re doing.

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[ Sources: World Health Organisation | UK Department of Health | US Center for Disease Control | European (EU) Centre for Disease Control and Prevention | British Medical Journal | several UK doctors ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Wed 18 Mar 2020

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