4.39am, 4 years ago today, the shocked Remainer BBC declared Leave had won

Do you remember that wonderful moment of Brexit euphoria?

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David Dimbleby called the result. The British lion roared across the length and breadth of the UK

Exactly four years ago, members of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team were all glued to TV and computer screens. Like so many readers who had worked and campaigned so hard, we were all very tired... but very hopeful.

After many hours of somewhat inconclusive results, the position was finally becoming clear by around 4am. It was about 40 minutes later when the BBC finally had no option but to call the result for Leave. A visibly-shocked David Dimbleby gave the news to the nation.

After decades of increasing control by a foreign power,
against all the odds,
against all the combined ranks of Remainers in the British Establishment,
and against all the foreign influence which was used,
the British lion was finally able to roar again….

And it roared “FREEDOM!”

Relive the moment here:-

And if you are prevented from working by the mass hysteria and collective insanity currently infecting our government and media circles - and you therefore have time to watch the full monty - you can see all 11 hours of Referendum night coverage here.

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Wed 24 June 2020

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