Far more UK students go to the US and Australia than to any EU country

Layla Moran MP should learn about Erasmus+ before lecturing people

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LibDems fail in attempt to resurrect their reputation with students

On Wednesday this week Layla Moran, LibDem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, put forward an amendment to the Withdrawal Bill regarding the EU’s €30bn education programme called Erasmus+. Commonly thought of as an exchange programme allowing students to study abroad, we lift the lid on this vastly expensive youth indoctrination project.

Here is what Ms Moran said in Parliament:

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

“For students, young people, those in training and staff who work in the education sector, the Erasmus scheme has been absolutely incredible.”

“From 2014 to the end of this year alone, €1 billion has been allocated to support the UK as part of Erasmus+. New clause 10 would only require the Government to seek—to do what they say they want to do, but let us be sure—to negotiate continuing full membership of the future Erasmus education and youth programme.”

“Let us remind ourselves what Erasmus does. It allows our young people to go abroad to European universities, to learn new languages, to meet new people, to put down some roots abroad and to build the international understanding that, in my view, is a big part of what it means to be British.”

- Layla Moran MP, Wed 08 Jan 2020

FACT : In the last year for which figures are available from the EU (2017), the UK received just €62 million for higher education grants under Erasmus+. As with the EU budget as a whole, the UK subsidises the EU27 countries with Erasmus+.

About Layla Moran MP

Ms Moran is the LibDem’s spokesperson for Education, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. She says she is “British-Palestinian” and now lives in a same-sex relationship, describing herself as “pansexual”.

She was educated at private schools (including Roedean and the Brussels International School) and subsequently became a teacher at private schools. Her father worked for the EU.

Brexit Facts4EU exposes the truth about LibDem Remainer’s wild claims in Parliament

Brexit Facts4EU.org Summary

The EU's Erasmus+ Student Programme

Erasmus budget

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  • UK students using Erasmus+ to study abroad : only 9,615
  • Non-UK students using Erasmus+ to study in UK : 18,702
  • Almost twice as many EU27 students benefit, compared to UK students
  • Total number of UK students : 1.87 million
  • Proportion of UK students using the EU’s Erasmus+ programme : only 0.51%
  • Pro-rata by population, the UK should be 11.0% of the total Erasmus+ student numbers
  • In fact the figure for the UK is only 4.3%
  • Non-UK Erasmus+ students benefit 2.5 times more than UK students, pro-rated by population
  • EU’s Erasmus+ budget is set to double, from €14.7 billion to €30 billion

According to the UN, more UK students go to the US and Australia than to any EU country.

UK students top destinations

Chart © UNESCO - Click to enlarge

[ Sources: EU Commission Erasmus+ 2017 report | Universities UK 2017 data | UNESCO 2017 data | HESA ] Please note that 2017 is the latest year for which EU figures arre available.

What is the EU’s Erasmus+ programme?

There are many ways in which the EU channels British taxpayer money back to the UK, dressed as though it were ‘Funded by the EU’. One of these is the Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ is one of those EU ‘projects’ which even Brexiteer politicians say they might want to keep paying into after Brexit. The government has as yet made no guarantees, so this is the ideal time for everyone to learn about this (supposedly) educational programme.


Erasmus+ is “the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe,” says the EU Commission.

This new version of Erasmus started in 2014, with a 40% increase in funding and a significant increase in its scope. It is now set to double on top of that.

This scope now covers matters which have little to do with higher education, such as ‘youth exchanges’ and ‘volunteering’. It even includes programmes to “develop new teaching practices or curricula” – something most people probably think is the role of the Dept for Education in the UK.

Erasmus funds and “promotes – among other things – good governance, social inclusion, the fight against racism, dual careers, and physical activity for all.”

1/3rd of the budget goes on “partnerships and reforms of the education and youth sectors”

What does all this cost?

In the EU's current budgeting period, the cost of Erasmus+ is €14.7 billion.

In the EU's next budgeting period from 2020 the cost of Erasmus is projected at €30 billion - more than double.

Erasmus budget

Chart © Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2020 - Click to enlarge


"But Erasmus+ is all about education and so many young people benefit"

Many British people (including our young people) imagine that Erasmus+ is all about giving our students a chance to study for all or part of their degrees abroad. However this is just a minority part of the whole programme.

This entire project is much more insidious and far-reaching in its aims.

Erasmus+ is no longer all about education in the sense most people understand the word, and the majority of it has nothing to do with degree courses. In common with most other areas of the EU's activities, Erasmus has expanded way beyond its original brief.

In common with many people, the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team care deeply about educational opportunities for young people. We believe that students who go to study for a period in another country benefit enormously, as do students who come to the UK to study.

No-one is suggesting for one moment that students should be prevented from studying abroad after Brexit. The key question is how the money that is being spent - by the UK government OR by the EU spending UK money. Everyone would surely agree that UK taxpayer money should be wisely allocated to the benefit of as many British students as possible, and not to subsidise students from the EU27.

We simply don't believe Erasmus+ offers value for money, as is so often the case with EU programmes, and that Brexit offers an opportunity to present students with a wider range of possibilities.

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[ Sources: Hansard | EU Commission Erasmus+ 2017 report | Universities UK 2017 data | UNESCO 2017 data | HESA ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 11 Jan 2020

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