Talking of Dominic’s "weirdos and misfits"….

Well, here's one proud group of Brexit misfits for you

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Weirdos in a weird world

Readers will have seen reports about Dominic Cummings’ blog yesterday, calling for applications from “wild cards” and “weirdos and misfits with odd skills” to apply for positions at No.10.

Here at Brexit Facts4EU.Org we can identify with at least one of the characterisations used by the Prime Minister’s chief adviser yesterday. During the last four years we have frequently felt like outsiders – misfits and weirdos, if you will – in several ways.

1. The Establishment

Firstly there is the Establishment – Remainers almost to the last man and woman – with whom we have much in common in personal ways, but with whom we share very little in common when it comes to group-think, ideology, London-centricity, and of course Brexit.

2. The Brexit Establishment

Secondly there is what we refer to as the “Brexit Establishment” – high profile groups containing firm Brexiteers for the most part, lightly-dosed with some individuals of dubious commitment who obtained jobs there for personal career advantage. We refrained from “blue-on-blue” (friendly fire) attacks on what some of these people got up to in the last four years, but let’s just say that sometimes it took a supreme effort for us to do so.

3. Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Finally there is the group we might call “friends, family and colleagues”. Here, we are sure, many readers will share our sadness at the stress caused in personal relationships as a result of holding differing positions on Brexit – and indeed holding differing views on the Establishment as a whole.

We would also like to highlight a particularly pernicious aspect of ‘Project Fear’ – that of the fear engendered in ordinary Brexiteers in their daily lives by the Remainer Establishment and its followers. The abuse, spite and ridicule dished out on a daily basis caused many Brexiteers to keep their mouths firmly shut. All across the country there are still those who are scared to speak up, for fear of what it might do to their personal and professional lives. This will prove to be one of the major disgraces in our country in the last few years, and it will still take some time before this atmosphere changes.

We are misfits and proud of it

As we approach one of the major milestones for which some of us have worked seven days-a-week for four years to achieve, are we proud of the part we have played? Yes, quietly proud. Brexit Facts4EU.Org was never about being a platform for launching careers in politics, or for becoming paid pundits on the BBC, Sky, or in the mainstream media.

Instead we continuously pumped out well-researched reports on a daily basis on all aspects of the UK’s membership of the EU, and of the EU’s very nature. Using nothing but official information, we delved deep into the detail to bring readers the largest original output of facts of any Brexit organisation in the country.

All of it was summarised with handy bullet-pointed boxes and charts. All of it came from official sources. And a great deal of it was used by campaigners up and down the country in the Referendum campaign and in the subsequent EU and UK Parliament elections. We were particularly proud when our information was used by politicians inside and outside the UK and EU Parliaments.

Now it’s time to re-group

Being a misfit comes with costs. In our case it has come with an enormous cost to certain individuals in our team. With no funding from a rich backer (which is the case with some Brexit groups), no support from the large Brexit organisations who received the lion’s share of public donations, and no fees from our work being used (frequently with no attribution), it’s time to cut back.

Readers should be in no doubt as to our commitment to Brexit and in no doubt as to our views on a very sub-optimal result which now seems inevitable this year. There is still an enormous amount of work to be done to ensure we achieve everything we all dreamt of.

That said, “man cannot live on bread alone”. With some of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team’s savings exhausted, and only a small percentage of our wonderffully-loyal readership able to make donations to our work, we now have to scale back so that some of us can earn a living again.

Will you continue to read and support our work?

Our plan is to move to a different working schedule. Instead of working and publishing seven days-a-week, we intend to publish on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for as long as we can.

We very much hope that you will continue to support us as you have, and that you will continue to promote our work on social media and in organisations in which you might be involved.

After all, three days of well-researched and original output per week is still a significant contribution to the overall effort to see Brexit through!

Finally, we know it’s just after Christmas, and money is tight for many people, but we really could use your financial support right now in order to fund our continued – albeit reduced - operation. Thank you to all who have donated in recent days. If 500 more of you could do this, we would be secure for the next few months!

[ Sources: Dominic Cummings' blog ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 03 Jan 2020

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