Brexit Britain is born

The start of a journey to being a free and sovereign country once again

47 years of ever closer confinement, and the key will finally turn in the cell door tonight

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After years of battling the totalitarians of the Establishment, yes we WILL party triumphantly tonight

Many readers will have awoken this morning to the dawning sensation that today’s finally the day. The day that sometimes felt as if it would forever be beyond reach. A dream – existing in the centre of a nightmare – that was often promised but always snatched from us.

The run-up to today’s event harks back to January 2013, when Nigel Farage’s UKIP was starting to pose a real threat to the Conservatives. Prime Minister David Cameron was then leading a coalition government with the LibDems of Nick Clegg. Six years and eight days ago, Mr Cameron made a speech in which he finally promised an “In/Out” EU Referendum to the British people.

The eventual EU In/Out Referendum

This In/Out EU Referendum was finally delivered on 23 June 2016, by which time Mr Cameron was heading a Conservative government, and the Referendum could no longer be blocked by the LibDems.

The Referendum took place after a constant avalanche of state-sponsored propaganda during the campaign prior to the vote. Brexit Facts4EU.Org – and the majority of our readers – had been valiantly trying to ensure that actual facts reached voters, rather than the quite shocking disinformation by the government, by virtually the entire Establishment, and by a swamp of global bodies roped in, even including a fly-by from US President “Barack of the Queue” Obama.


On today of all days, we are not going to pull our punches. Do we feel a sense of triumphalism? Yes, to be honest. And why not?

We are being told by the rump of extremist Remoaners (gradually re-branding as Rejoiners) that Brexiteers wish to “rub their noses” in the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU tonight. In fact, we will barely give them a moment’s thought, even though these people have made the lives of so many people (including us) miserable in the last four years. Their behaviour in many cases has been simply shocking and totally unacceptable but it’s up to them to live with that.

Instead, we will be raising our glasses to the largest number of voters in British electoral history, who saw through the lies of the Establishment and delivered a people’s verdict. And their verdict was to leave the EU and become a free and sovereign country once again.

Tonight we will see the first step on this road to freedom.

Tonight the equivalent of 18 member countries will leave the EU, as the UK regains its freedom

We were the first to produce charts showing just how important the UK really is to the EU, with our comparison demonstrating the relative sizes of EU economies. The last ones we produced are below.


© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - click to enlarge

Gradually the information we produced like this started to get taken up by politicians and even sometimes by large Leave organisations. Despite not being credited, we were delighted that these messages started to get out there.

As we celebrate tonight, the reality for the EU is that the UK’s departure is the equivalent of over 18 EU member countries all leaving at the same moment. The EU28 becoming the economic equivalent of the EU10.

Our glasses will be half-full

We can’t pretend that the technical exit of the UK from the EU at 11pm GMT tonight is the form of result we desired. It is certainly not what we spent the last four years, seven days-a-week, working for. We are where we are thanks to four years of Establishment closet-Remainer activity at the heart of government, as well as the uselessness of parts of the large Leave organisations.

Be that as it may, at 11pm this evening the United Kingdom will no longer technically be a member of the European Union.

Now THAT is something. Indeed if we just focus on that one fact, it’s wonderful. It’s marvellous!

You, dear readers, have achieved something important. Something which can inspire peoples across the World.

You have shown that the totalitarian, globalist, quasi-Communist, group-think direction of our European part of the World is not unstoppable. The EU dictatorship may have been able to ignore or overturn the referenda in other EU countries, but when confronted with the British people they have met their Waterloo.

Tonight we will raise our glasses to you all. Be very proud, please.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 31 Jan 2020

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