In the latest week, 5 times as many people died of ‘flu & pneumonia as died “with Coronavirus”

In the previous 100 years we didn’t ruin our country with a lockdown because of the ‘flu

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When will this madness stop? A special Brexit Facts4EU.Org report

NOTE: This report was written before the Government announcement late yesterday which stated that Coronavirus deaths have been very significantly overstated by Public Health England (PHE). The admission by PHE vindicates much of our analysis that follows.

In the latest week’s official ONS figures 8,946 people are reported to have died in England and Wales. In that week 928 of them died of ‘flu and pneumonia. 193 of them died “with Coronavirus”.

When it comes to the year to date, according to the (inflated COVID-19) figures from the Office for National Statistics issued on 11 August 2020, on average far more people die of ‘flu and pneumonia than have died “with” Coronavirus, as at 31 July this year. This is a simple fact.

Flu and pneumonia deaths in an average year up to this point are 26% higher than the reported Coronavirus deaths. And the gulf is growing. Last week ‘flu and pneumonia deaths were 381% higher than for people who died “with Coronavirus”.

This information is based on the latest report from the Office for National Statistics. We have not massaged the figures in any way. We have not reduced the ONS figures for “Coronavirus deaths” even though they are significantly overstated. (See below.)

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

‘Flu and influenza deaths vs. ‘Coronavirus deaths’

All data is up to Week 31 (week ending 31 July) and comes from the ONS

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  • Five-year average of deaths from ‘flu and pneumonia – 64,378
  • Deaths ‘with Coronavirus’ – 51,210
  • Average ‘flu and pneumonia deaths to date are 25.7% higher than the reported deaths ‘with Coronavirus’

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The United Kingdom has been pummelled into an historic recession by fake news and false data

We have no confidence in the figures produced by the Office for National Statistics, nor by Public Health England, nor by any of the other public organisations collecting and publishing data on the Coronavirus. And we most certainly do not believe a word uttered by Scotland’s First Minister on this subject. We say this as an organisation that has built its reputation on carefully-researched facts for the last five years.

It remains the case, for example, that a person dying today in August of ‘flu, or cancer, or a heart attack, and who tested positive for Coronavirus in early March but had no symptoms or recovered from it, will nevertheless be counted in the ONS figures for Coronavirus deaths. How is this remotely possible, credible, or of any use?

As things stand, if someone dies on this day next year for whatever reason, and if they had tested positive today, they would be counted in the Coronavirus death figures. Sheer insanity.

Not only that but a person does not even need to have tested positive for Coronavirus to be counted in Coronavirus figures. Here’s the ONS:-

“Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths are those deaths … where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate. A doctor can certify the involvement of COVID-19 based on symptoms and clinical findings – a positive test result is not required.

- Office for National Statistics, 11 August 2020

It’s even worse when it comes to ‘flu or pneumonia

If you die of the ‘flu or pneumonia, but a doctor mentions Coronavirus on your death certificate, then you died of Coronavirus according to the official figures. The ’flu and pneumonia deaths are then NOT counted as ‘flu and pneumonia deaths, even if the person tested positive for Coronavirus many months previously and recovered or had no symptoms.

“A death can be registered with both COVID-19 and Influenza and Pneumonia mentioned on the death certificate. Because pneumonia may be a consequence of COVID-19, deaths where both were mentioned have been counted only in the COVID-19 category.” - ONS


The figures for “Coronavirus deaths” are grossly exaggerated because they include deaths from all causes if Coronavirus happens to be mentioned by the doctor on the death certificate. This can occur even if the deceased NEVER tested positive for Coronavirus. Even without this distortion, the average deaths from ‘flu and pneumonia are far higher than deaths “with Coronavirus”.

At some point all this will come out. In the meantime we feel obliged to report it. The summary of all our 20 reports on COVID-19 is here.

NOTE: This report was written before the Government announcement late yesterday which stated that Coronavirus deaths have been very significantly overstated by Public Health England (PHE). We comment on this in our ‘Observations’ below.


Stop press

Some readers may have seen the news overnight that Public Health England have finally stated that the number of deaths ‘with Coronavirus’ has been overstated. Remember those televised daily press briefings? You now know you were being lied to on a daily basis.

Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement at Public Health England, said yesterday:

“The way we count deaths in people with COVID-19 in England was originally chosen to avoid underestimating deaths caused by the virus in the early stages of the pandemic. Our analysis of the long-term impact of the infection now allows us to move to new methods, which will give us crucial information about both recent trends and overall mortality burden due to COVID-19.”

No apology. No admittance of crass incompetence. No resignations. And it will still be the case that if a person dies of ‘flu, pneumonia, or other related conditions, and Coronavirus is mentioned on a death certificate then that person died of Coronavirus.

You can rely on us

Brexit Facts4EU.Org was the first serious organisation to issue an alert about what we saw coming with Coronavirus. We did so because of a worrying EU announcement before the Coronavirus lockdown. We felt the tremors of impending propaganda.

Since our first report on 04 March, mass hysteria has gripped nations around the world. Even so-called liberal Governments have reacted in draconian and authoritarian ways. Our world has changed and it will take a generation to recover from it – if we ever do.

After our first article in early March we published another 20 articles, before stopping because of the abuse we received and the cancellation of some readers’ regular donations. In the following article we provide a summary and clickable list of some of these reports.

Today we feel the need to publish the report above – even though it may lose us more readers – because we are deeply troubled by the directives of the Government and by the supposed “Science” that lies behind these.

If we could find the remotest evidence to justify what has been done to the United Kingdom since March, we would publish it. We can find nothing plausible. Yes - and very sadly - people have died of Coronavirus, just as they do of any number of causes each year. Has the virus been serious? Yes, especially for those in high risk categories. In many of these cases it seems that rash decisions caused far more deaths than should have been the case. (Transferring elderly patients from hospitals back into care homes being a case in point.)

For the bulk of the population it hasn’t been serious – especially for the under 50s and most especially for children.

Have the Coronavirus numbers come anywhere near justifying the lockdown of our nation, the imposition of emergency powers, the denial of our civil liberties, the drastic shortening of lives because the NHS wouldn’t treat non-Covid patients, the closing of our schools and universities, the severe damage to the infrastructure of our cities and to our town high streets, and the utter devastation of our economy? No, the Coronavirus numbers have justified none of these.

Will we see far more deaths from other causes over the next few years as a result of the knee-jerk Coronavirus responses? Yes we will.

It really is time for this nonsense to end. We have always argued for a proportionate response. We urge the Government to look at the real figures that matter, stop the hysteria, and end this madness completely. Let’s get everyone back to work and back into education, and regrow our country again as quickly as possible.

Even if you disagree with our conclusions (the facts themselves are indisputable), we hope you will continue to support our work on Brexit. On Saturday we will return to Brexit - our specialty.

We have a bold new Brexit world ahead of us. If the Government continues with its robust stance, a fully-free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom awaits us. Please help us to see this through by making a donation using one of the quick and secure payment methods below. Thank you.

[ Sources: Office for National Statistics | Public Health England | Government press service ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 13 Aug 2020

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