EXPOSED – The scandal of EU aid propaganda and £bns of YOUR money

Last year the UK gave the EU $2.3bn of aid money, for them to rebrand it as theirs

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The EU claims to be the World No.1 Donor but the official body (OECD) says it is FIFTH

Part One of a two-part Brexit Facts4EU.Org investigation and report

For years the EU has been lying about its achievements in the area of what most people still call “overseas aid”. The official term now is “Official Development Assistance” (ODA). In the EU’s latest propaganda sheet for 2019 the EU has continued to misrepresent facts in a grotesque fashion.

Each year Brexit Facts4EU.Org calls out the EU on this, and each year the EU Commission continues to produce blatant and highly-misleading propaganda in an attempt to present themselves as something they are not. The BBC has remained silent on this scandal, despite the clear evidence.

In this summary of the latest official 2019 aid figures, we once again expose the EU’s propaganda for what it is. The OECD is the offical arbiter of overseas aid so we have quoted from them and used their data, as well as using the EU's information as a comparison.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Overseas aid, the EU’s highly-misleading statements,
and billions of pounds of UK taxpayers’ money

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The EU Commission has issued yet another statement saying the EU is

“The world's leading donor of Official Development Assistance (ODA)”

This is not and has never been true, and yet the EU has been claiming this for years

It is the OECD that decides these things, and the EU is in FIFTH place

  • The EU is not a country - not yet at any rate
  • As an organisation the EU spent $14.8 billion on ODA in 2019 and ranks FIFTH, not first
  • The OECD says that “The United States continued to be the largest DAC donor of ODA (USD 34.6 billion)”
  • The OECD adds that the USA is “followed by Germany (23.8 billion), the United Kingdom (19.4 billion)”

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The United Kingdom can stand VERY tall

  • The UK is one of only five OECD countries worldwide which meets the OECD’s minimum target for ODA of 0.7% of GDP
  • The UK was the only major EU country to meet the target in 2019
  • Germany doesn’t come close – even when it includes its $3.1bn spend on in-country migrants as 'overseas aid'

In reality the UK is the second-biggest provider of overseas aid
- using the definition most people recognise -
as we shall show in Part Two of this report

This is the EU as purveyor of fake news

Members of the EU – such as the UK for the 2019 period being reported by the EU – have their own donor programmes. The EU as an institution also takes some of the money given to it by member states and uses this in its own donor programme.

The EU should simply report its own donations from its own donor programme. Even that might be argued to be disingenuous, as the European Union is not a country and the money it donates comes from the individual member states.

Instead the EU takes the amounts which its individual members donate individually, it then adds them to monies collated and distributed by the EU institutions, and then claims the whole lot as ‘EU donations’.

© EU Commission

What is “Official Development Assistance” (ODA)?

Defined since 1969 as “government aid that promotes and specifically targets the economic development and welfare of developing countries”, in recent years ‘foreign aid’ or ‘overseas aid’ has been redefined as “Official Development Assistance” (ODA).

The body adjudicating and monitoring this aid is the OECD based in Paris - a body which took an anti-Brexit position back in 2016 and subsequently. The OECD has a minimum target of 0.7% of GDP for Official Development Assistance. The United Kingdom has for many years been the only major EU economy to meet this target.

Here is what happens to the overseas aid which the UK gives to the EU each year

Each year the UK gives billions to the EU for official EU budget contributions and also for "off-budget" EU funds about which we have reported many times. Last year (2019) the UK gave $2.32 billion of this to the EU’s foreign aid programme, on top of what the UK gives unilaterally to poorer nations around the world. These are official OECD figures.

It all adds up to the 0.7% of GDP which the UK now gives each year in foreign aid.

Facts4EU.Org Summary

When the UK Government via the responsible department DFID gives taxpayers’ money to the EU,
here is what happens to it.

$2.3 billion is suddenly transformed from “UK Aid” into “Funded by the EU Humanitarian Aid”


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The EU’s propaganda continues to be a disgrace, and it’s getting worse year by year and decade by decade.

Over the last few years we have published a significant amount of evidence showing how the EU has grossly misrepresented itself (putting it mildly) on the subject of overseas aid, to say nothing of all the other propaganda sheets on other subjects pumped out by the EU Commission.

In our opinion it is high time that the BBC and other broadcast media in the UK covered this story. Why should we continue to have to do their job for them?

The EU’s fake news

If this isn’t ‘fake news’ from the EU, what is? If a commercial company produced advertising leaflets such as the ones the EU Commission regularly produces, they would be subject to all manner of legal actions from the authorities. We see no reason that the EU Commission should be exempt from these standards.

In this case the official body responsible for monitoring Official Development Assistance – the Europhile OECD based in Paris – flatly contradicts the EU’s latest propaganda sheet. We have checked all the figures and the OECD is correct, as would be expected.

We trust that the mainstream media will want to call this out and we are happy to help with our five years of research into this area.

Is it finally time to re-evaluate the UK’s generosity to the EU and to the world?

Firstly, we hope that the Government Dept responsible for overseas aid (DFID) is rapidly moving to stop all payments of this kind to the EU. Huge amounts go to the EU from DFID each year, only for the British people’s generosity to be re-badged by the EU as “EU humanitarian aid” when it arrives in the recipient countries.

Secondly, we hope there is currently a major re-evaluation of the UK’s foreign aid programme underway. We generally prefer not to single out individual countries, but the UK is continuing to give ‘development’ aid to India – a country whose economy is now larger than the UK’s and a country which even has its own space programme. Surely this aid must be stopped immediately?

Thirdly and above all, we would like to see a very strong statement from Mr David Frost and his team of Brexit trade negotiators that the UK will make its own decisions going forward, regarding British generosity towards poor and developing nations. These decisions should be made without any reference to the EU, and without UK aid being re-badged by the EU any longer.

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[ Sources: OECD | EU Commission | DFID ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 30 Apr 2020

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