VIDEO: German MEP’s powerful speech backing Brexit and damning the EU

MEP and legal expert condemns EU treatment of the UK

Credit: EU Parliament

Watch his speech to the EU Parliament in front of Juncker and Barnier

Last week in Strasbourg at the EU Parliament, MEPs once again debated Brexit. Unelected EU Commission President Juncker and EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Barnier were both in attendance and gave speeches.

In a half-empty chamber, amongst the tirade of speeches from the majority of anti-British and anti-democratic MEPs, one speech stood out. This speech came from a fearless German MEP, Gunnar Beck. In his allotted three minutes, Dr Beck praised the UK and attacked the EU without mercy.

Readers are invited to view this short video relating to the UK/EU negotiations. The first half has English dubbing, the second half is delivered by Dr Beck in flawless English. His words are clear, to the point, and indicate the extent of UK cooperation and the EU’s attempts to damage both the UK's and the EU countries' interests.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

  • UK Government agreed EU's initial demands
  • UK Government agreed EU citizens rights
  • UK Government agreed substantial settlement
  • UK MPs are frustrating Brexit
  • The EU is frustrating Brexit

Note: The official link to Dr Beck’s speech on Wednesday is here. We no longer embed speeches from the EU’s video department as they have changed the link location of videos in the past, so that they no longer work in many previous articles we have published. This is why we now use YouTube wherever possible.

Other news from the EU Parliament last week :-

MEPs reaffirmed their support for a Brexit based on the existing withdrawal agreement. However, they said they were open to a possible extension of the Article 50 negotiation period, if requested by the UK.

On Tuesday, Christine Lagarde received the EU Parliament's support to become the next president of the European Central Bank. She will succeed Mario Draghi on 01 Nov 2019.

MEPs also voted in favour of allocating money from the European Solidarity Fund to Italy (€272.2 million), Romania (€8.2 million) and Austria (€8.1 million) in respect of extreme weather events in 2018.


Long-standing Brexit Facts4EU.Org reader and supporter, ‘Jon from Wales’, sent us his thoughts on Dr Beck’s speech:-

“The EU often say there is a lack of cooperation from the UK, when the opposite is true, as Dr Beck points out.

“The remain camp suggest those voting to Leave the EU didn't know what they were voting for, suggesting remain voters did! Throughout this farce, the establishment closed ranks aided and abetted by MPs defying a majority instruction from the electorate.

“From the UK standpoint, the 2016 referendum was conducted fairly after waiting over 40 years to get it. The vote could have gone either way, and everyone knew that.

“Brexit was born prior to the referendum and have published every day to debunk the remain agenda using well researched official facts - from the EU itself and from UK and international statistics bodies - that cannot be challenged.

“It is perceived by many that the UK will have no friends if we dare to exit the EU political union, yet the reality is quite the opposite. We have friends around the world waiting to do business with our country, as International Trade Secretary Liz Truss told the Telegraph in an interview today from Japan. Meanwhile the EU wish to keep us trapped within its undemocratic and costly protectionist system.

“For 45 of 46 years, the UK has been a NET contributor to the EU for little in return. Many countries have since joined and it's reasonable to suggest they have benefited off the back of UK taxpayers, whilst funding for UK services has been radically reduced. Whether by design or excuse is open to question.”

[ Sources: YouTube / EU Parliament ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 22 Sep 2019

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