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Where we are

  • Democracy is under threat from the very people elected under that system
  • Sovereignty is under threat as the EU continues to make new laws and directives binding Parliament
  • Brexit is under threat from another referendum, revocation, and from a ‘May 2.0’ deal by the Government

It feels as though we have never stopped fighting for Brexit since the Referendum on 23 June 2016, doesn’t it?

Sadly, it seems we must all gird our loins and intensify our efforts in the coming weeks and months. This is going to another major battle and it could be the final one.

What can we all do?

In recent days Brexit Facts4EU.Org has been reaching out to some of the other active Brexit organisations – specifically those with a significant reach in terms of the public, MPs and the media. We have also been speaking to politicians.

Our aim initially is to produce two definitive Brexit documents – each of them in our famous ‘one-pager’ style – which can be endorsed and heavily promoted by all the groups who are backing this initiative. We simply must get the fundamentals out there, and keep hammering them home.

We are talking about short, sharp facts, presented persuasively, using simple and effective language.

What’s the purpose?

This first phase is designed to tackle the increasing threat of a ‘May 2.0’ Surrender Treaty. Disturbing comments have been made from government sources about amending the Backstop and presenting this to Parliament next month. Whilst the Backstop is totally unacceptable, the ‘Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration’ is an abomination almost from start to finish. Amending the Backstop does not make this ‘deal’ Brexit in any shape or form.

Unfortunately we do not believe that enough of the public are yet aware. Even more worryingly it is obvious that many people now would simply support anything that calls itself Brexit – just to get this whole sorry saga over with.

In this fight, dear reader, we will need your help. Thousands read our work each day and we will be asking all of you to do your bit. You do not have to man trenches as our forebears did. Instead we merely ask everyone to do whatever they can to promote this initiative heavily. Some of you have mailing lists of up to 500 people. We hope to leverage the power of tens of thousands to reach millions.

When does this start?

The process is already under way and we have six important Brexit organisations who have agreed to the plan in the last 24 hours. In the next couple of days we hope to agree the wording of the first one-pagers with a view to launching next week.

As ever, the lack of funding limits the resources we can put on this. We are inviting readers to help by becoming a Sponsor (£10 donation), a Gold Sponsor (£50 donation), or a VIP Sponsor (£100 and above). We will not publish your name unless you give express permission, naturally, and your contact details are never used.

Please just use the quick and secure donation methods below this article. Thank you.

What is the rest of the plan?

If we can get support, we intend to follow up Phase One with a second phase. This will involve a direct campaign naming MPs and ranking them according to their views and how they have voted in all significant votes in Parliament in the last three years. We will also provide sample letters and contact details. This involves a lot of work updating work we have previously done in past campaigns.

We also intend to produce a definitive and powerful set of our famous ‘one-pagers’ on all the key Brexit topics, bringing previous ones up to date and creating new ones.

All of this work will be promoted to the media and we will be using our political connections too.


Some readers will feel jaded and tell us that no matter what we do it will make no difference. We understand this point of view. However our campaigns HAVE made a difference and we expect this one to be our best yet. And anyway we don’t do defeatism here.

We do not have to persuade every member of the public, every MP, and every prospective parliamentary candidate. We only have to persuade some – enough to make a difference to the Brexit climate and outcome.

We hope you will support, and naturally we welcome your comments below as ever.

[ Sources: Internal ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 14 Sep 2019

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