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The Brexit Battle is fought on many fronts

Brexit Facts4EU.org Summary

We're in a fight for democracy AND for Brexit

  • Remain has dominated the public narrative since the Referendum
  • Simple and effective messaging from Leave just isn’t getting through to the public, mostly because so few ‘official’ groups are doing this
  • The same is true for the failure to get the messages to MPs
  • This has allowed anti-democratic MPs to flaunt democracy so flagrantly

Together we can turn this around!

Below are some materials which we've created and have been using - we hope you might find them of use.

We all need to fight the Brexit Battle on all fronts. In addition to the detailed and researched articles we produce on the EU, and the behind-the-scenes work we do with MPs, MEPs, and other Brexit organisations, Brexit Facts4EU.Org also does prolific work on social media.

Many of our readers don’t see our social media output. Below is a selection of the ‘tiles’ (images with messages contained in them) which we have produced in recent weeks. What you see below is about half what our creative dept has produced in the last three months. Linked to articles we’ve published, these have been very powerful in getting the messages out there.

A Brexit Facts4EU.Org resource for you

In the absence of effective media output from some of the ‘big boys’, we are publishing a selection below. Individual readers may use them at will. We do ask Brexit parties or organisations (including local groups which are part of political parties or organisations) to contact us for permission to use them.

The same is true of our famous, punchy ‘one-pager’ Brexit summaries,
which have proved so popular with the public.

You can see some of them on our #GoWTO page.

We have divided the tiles below into broad categories for convenience.

About the EU

Message to MPs

MPs and MEPs supporting the #GoWTO campaign

Theresa May

Brexit delayed and betrayed

Media bias

That crazy little thing called DEMOCRACY

Calls to action

Uplifting and inspriring


The Brexit battle must continue to be fought on many fronts. It’s our view that this simply isn’t happening amongst some of the ‘big boys’. We see ordinary people doing far more than the official organisations.

We have been receiving many requests from readers for permission to use our one-page summary leaflets, in the absence of suitable material from party organisations. The same has started happening with our social media tiles shown above.

We will simply say that we are open to conversations with political parties and always have been. All we care about is the delivery of Brexit. A true, clean Brexit.

Preaching to the converted might win seats in the EU Parliament, but it won’t win the overall Brexit battle in the UK. To do that you need a complete resource of facts and a rigorous campaign hitting anti-democratic MPs.

Okay, and also some charismatic politicians capable of inspiring and leading.

Right now it seems to us that mostly what we have is showbiz. We inject punchy, deeply-researched facts and good messaging, which resonates with ordinary people. We’re open to all parties, movements, and local groups as always: contact us here.

And if you can help us to keep going, below you will find quick and secure methods to donate to our work. You will not be added to a mailing list and we assume you want confidentiality unless you tell us otherwise.

The Brexit Facts4EU.Org team, 09 May 2019

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