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“I keep meaning to donate to those poor, hard-working people at Brexit Facts4EU.Org”

The Brexit Party has done spectacularly well

Unfortunately the Brexit Party's success has come at a cost for us. With everyone donating to the Brexit Party our donations have dropped to unworkable levels. We rely on public donations and have no corporate backers. It's only individuals who have kept us going for the last three years.

If you read our output but haven't yet donated, could we ask you to help us to keep going? Here are some good reasons:-

Brexit Facts4EU.org Summary

  • We research and publish 'the meat' - the facts about the EU and the UK's membership of it
  • We've done this daily, 7 days-a-week, since before the start of the Referendum campaign
  • We were then the only group to keep publishing the day after the Referendum, and ever since
  • Our work has been used by MPs, MEPs, and we're even read by overseas senators and ambassadors
  • In addition to our original research which we publish daily, we also lobby MPs and the media
  • We initiated the official #GoWTO campaign in December last year, backed by many Brexit organisations
  • We've been responsible for people sending huge numbers of letters to their MPs, threatening their jobs if they don't respect the vote
  • Our work gets picked up by the press and by influential bodies
  • Above all we provide highly-researched facts, generally from the EU itself, which have truly informed the debate
  • Finally, we have no expensive London offices, no secretaries, and no expense accounts

Please help us if you can

Quick and secure donation options are below. Thank you. We make a difference but we can't keep going without you.

Best regards, the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team, Fri 31 May 2019

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