Huge 'Brexit now' campaign launched!

Last chance to save Brexit and democracy?

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The only thing wrong with Brexit is the MPs who are trying to stop it. As things stand, they will succeed.

Readers know the arguments. Some of you can even remember the number of MPs (498) who voted to trigger Article 50. You know that Mrs May’s surrender treaty – called ‘the Withdrawal Agreement’ - is an abomination that no self-respecting British politician could sign. You barely even need our one-page summary outlining some of the worst parts of it.

Crucially, you agree with the minority of MPs in Parliament who are democratic and wish us to leave the EU on Friday, as promised and as legislated for.


MPs must wake up and smell the ballot papers

Q:   What is the one thing that gives MPs their jobs?

A: That’s you, their electorate

Q:   What’s the one thing that symbolises your power?

A: Your cross on a ballot paper

Q:   What might make these MPs sit up and respect democracy next week?

A: Thousands of ballot papers delivered to MPs, with no cross in the box next to their name

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2019

We've prepared four versions of this.
Choose which one you prefer and then print it out and send it, or copy it by hand.

1. Ballot paper alone - write your own message

2. Ballot paper with very simple message

3. Ballot paper with message saying you'll vote for closest rival (Majority reduces by 2 votes.)

4. Ballot paper with message saying you'll vote for a pro-Brexit MP

Interesting idea, don’t you think? And as far as we know, this hasn’t yet been tried.

The strongest visual signal you can give to your MP

Moves will start on Monday amongst the majority of anti-democratic MPs to wrestle control from the Government. No-one yet knows exactly what form these manoeuvres will take, but we know that preparations are well under way.

We also know that the EU has decreed an extension of the Article 50 process until at least 12 April and possibly until 22 May. We know that Mrs May has agreed to this.

If you want us to leave the EU on Friday (29 March) then you must act now. Print off (or copy by hand) our ballot paper and post it to your MP today. You can find names and addresses in our Brexit Battle Pack here.

The power of the pro-Brexit, pro-democracy community

Today Brexit Facts4EU.Org will be working with up to 30 other pro-Brexit, pro-democracy organisations, asking them to back this initiative. We will also work with politicians. We started the process last night. We hope that many hundreds of thousands of people will see this today and act.

Paid social media campaign

Brexit Facts4EU.Org will also be promoting this today using a paid campaign on social media. The money for this has come from you, ordinary members of the public. If more of our readers who haven’t yet done so could donate something, the reach of our campaign will be larger.

Please do your bit. Send the ballot paper to your MP today.

Donate something to the campaign so that we can get the largest number of ballot papers sent.

Whatever you can contribute counts and matters. Few predicted we would win the Referendum. 17.4 million individuals did. You did. Every single person made a difference. You can make a difference today.

Imagine the impact on MPs

Imagine each MP receiving thousands of these ballot papers in the post, before they vote on ways of stopping Brexit. Your own ballot paper will be part of a massive wake-up call.

We may not persuade the die-hard, raving Remoaner MPs, but we CAN make the rest sit up. Ballot papers are the embodiment of MPs livelihoods. They resonate. They matter. And MPs recognise them instantly.

Please help us to save Brexit and democracy. Thank you.

The Brexit Facts4EU.Org team

P.S. We would much rather be relaxing this weekend. After three years without a single day’s break, we just don’t think we can do that when we’re so close to the finish line.

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