(Beware of sad imitations set up by your interfering parents)

The original, the authentic, and the most exciting Brexit student movement

Students for Brexit

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org backed the independent youth movement Students for Brexit from their beginning. We liked their independent spirit. No-one was going to tell them what to do - and no-one needed to.

From their rocketing start in January, it was obvious that this was a youth movement with energy, passion and excitement. They have remained resolutely independent, despite pressure to become part of an older group. They have their own opinions and the means to express them via every media.

From videos to serious articles to street campaigning, Brexit4Students has set the pace. We’ve never seen anything like it.

If you’re young and independently-minded, do not accept sad copycats run by people old enough to be your parents. You need your own voice. We think Brexit4Students are at the cutting edge.

(We tried to join, but they told us we were too old.)

Students for Brexit      Students for Brexit

Chairman Robert Langley and Vice-Chair Ellie Varley

Here’s their Chairman, Robert Langley, talking to our Editor earlier today :-

“Students For Brexit is a cross-party pro-Brexit campaign: run by students, managed by students, for students.

“We are independent from all other Leave campaigns because we believe that our independence protects our campaign from being influenced by large financial backers who wish to promote their own agenda. We’re striving to secure a Brexit that works for young people, nothing else.

“Our support has rocketed since our inception in January: 2.5 million hits, 2,500+ members, and over 45 university campaign groups in all four corners of the UK.

“We’re determined to use our grassroots community to stand up for Brexit, and ensure that a bright, open, tolerant and truly global Britain emerges post-Brexit.

“We are Students For Brexit: the original pro-Brexit student campaign.”


Sadly we’re not all young enough to be part of Brexit4Students. If we were, we’d join like a shot. This is an exciting political group, growing faster than any other we know. They’re the real deal.

In the last week we’ve seen the arrival of a ‘new’ youth group. In fact they’ve merely been set up by an old group, who couldn’t persuade Brexit4Students to give up their independence.

In our day, young people could see through things like this and we’re sure it’s no different today.

We believe in the young people of the new, global UK. We believe in their spirit. Some of them might annoy the hell out of us sometimes, but give us a bit of rebellion and chaos any day, over Establishment tedium.

You can check out Brexit4Students on their website and their Twitter account, and probably a whole load of other applications we haven’t even heard of.

Brexit4Students – accept no sad imitations.

If you would like us to keep helping organisations like Brexit4Students, please give us your support with a donation using one of the methods below.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 11 Mar 2019

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Reader Comments 3

1. Dawn H, Sunderland , Monday, March 11, 2019, 17:35:

I would think the reason for having the different Brexit groups is specialising in a genuine interest group. I can't see the point of setting up more and more groups just for the sake of it. I support Brexit4Students and wish them great success in their efforts.

2. Steven , Monday, March 11, 2019, 17:58:

NO, we DON’T want a truly global future for the UK if that means YET MORE rampant globalisation ie YET MORE Third World and European mass immigration which has turned vast swathes of our country into effectively foreign lands or YET MORE economic globalisation turfing ordinary workin-class and increasingly middle-class people out of their jobs by way of outsourcing or indeed preventing those people from gaining employment in the future. This sort of talk nearly lost the referendum and could yet lose a rematch! I am convinced many voters in places like Sunderland etc used the EU referendum to protest against the already high levels of globalism we have seen whilst being members of the EU and they don’t want to see increased levels of it as it only benefits the ultra-rich!
Getting out of the EU should be an opportunity for a restart for this country and not a chance for repeating to even more absurd levels the mistakes of the past! Many ordinary folk want to see a worthwhile Brexit not a hollow globalist one!
REPLY FROM BREXIT FACTS4EU.ORG TEAM : Don't worry Steven. They don't talk about globalism - that's something different. They just want to look out globally, rather than only at the EU.

3. Steven , Monday, March 11, 2019, 18:40:

On a side note, do the people here at this organisation ever deal with those at the website called EU referendum? What an utterly tiresome man the bloke that runs it is! He is also very, very ignorant and short-tempered as I was banned from the site after expressing my opinions in a forthright manner once too often. He denounces the WTO option with such virulence and many opponents of our EU membership that I suspect he is, despite appearances to the contrary, a proponent of membership. I believe his arrogance, rudeness, ignorance etc is connected to the fact that few, if any, Brexiteers let alone any that are near to the corridors of power take his idea of Flexit seriously so he takes his anger out on others!
REPLY FROM THE BREXIT FACTS4EU.ORG TEAM : Our Editor was banned by that site over three years ago and wears that like a badge of honour.

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