Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbot in Devon, speaks to Brexit Facts4EU.Org about the ‘codpiece’

Anne Marie Morris MP

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Last night Devon MP Anne Marie Morris – a rising star amongst the democratic, ‘Get On With Brexit’ public – spoke to our Editor about Mrs May’s latest desperate effort yesterday evening to save her Government’s universally-panned Withdrawal Agreement.

In advance of the formal legal opinions, Ms Morris was clear

“It would seem the PM has wrung three things out of the EU, none of which are worth the paper they’re written on. Legislating for the ‘best endeavours’ promise doesn’t give any more comfort – if anything, less!

“The documents have to be studied but mere tweaks to drafts don’t sound appealing.

“The reluctant and grudging acceptance by the EU of the UK being somehow able to end the backstop unilaterally is murky in the extreme. And its terms have to be agreed in advance. It makes no mention of where this leaves Northern Ireland. One can only assume it will be stuck in the EU.

“The Cox codpiece revelation will be a case of how good this magician is at making words disappear.

“This is why getting out on no deal is a good and safe option – from there we can negotiate a better deal which really does deliver that free trade relationship with the EU.”


Anne Marie Morris MP is rapidly making a name for herself. She is the one member of the ERG who seems to be truly in touch with public opinion – in her own party membership and with the population at large.

Her views are not those of the ERG leadership so if you like what she says, now is the time to speak up.

If you want Brexit – a smart, clean Brexit on World Trade terms on 29 March – please join thousands of people in writing to your MP. All the methods to do this are outlined on our #GoWTO page.

Please also let Anne Marie know if you support her, in the comments section below.

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 12 Mar 2019

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