“The Prime Minister and Mr Speaker are not above the law.”

ERG member takes no prisoners in hard-hitting article, exclusively for Brexit Facts4EU.Org

While some pro-Brexit MPs are wobbling and considering compromise, one MP is not for turning.

Anne Marie Morris has been MP for Newton Abbot since 2010. She took the seat from the LibDems. In that time she has grown her majority consistently, from 523 votes in 2010, to 11,288 in 2015, to 17,160 in 2017. This is an extraordinary performance from any MP.

Anne Marie is a former lawyer and a committed Eurosceptic. In November she was one of those who voted no confidence in Theresa May’s leadership of the Conservative Party.

In her article below – exclusively for Brexit Facts4EU.Org – she sets out her forthright views on where we are and what we should do next.

Guest article by Anne Marie Morris MP

“Delivering Brexit isn’t just about removing or neutralising the backstop.

With or without the backstop this deal on the table does not deliver back our sovereignty or leave us free to realise our free trading ambitions. No legal proposal however well intended or effectively drafted will do that.

We can get a deal and a good free trade deal after we have left - not only with America, Australia and our Commonwealth friends around the world but also in Asia, South America - and Europe. But as George Eustice said in his resignation letter, we must leave on 29 March.

Why are Brexiteer MPs seemingly so willing to accept this deal even though they don’t like it?

They have fallen for project fear. Mrs May has developed the catchy phrase – ‘it’s my deal, no deal or no Brexit’. She invented the no Brexit phrase. She has built a belief that somehow Parliament, probably with a little help from Mr Speaker, can undermine any form of leaving other than on her terms.

The Prime Minister and Mr Speaker are not above the law.

Only primary legislation can change Article 50 and our withdrawal on 29 March.

People are fed up with waiting. They want to leave on 29 March and they don’t want or need a transition period. We are as ready as we ever will be, as are our European counterparts. The United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world, with a wealth of skill and talent the envy of our neighbours.

Why do we want to be hobbled by a Europe falling deeper into recession? We don’t.

We want to be free!”


We believe Anne Marie's words will resonate across the nation.

Here is a conviction politician who says it as she sees it. Whilst other pro-Brexit MPs seem to be preparing the ground for a climbdown, AM is standing full square, uncompromising in her stance that Brexit must be delivered on 29 March.

"With or without the backstop this deal on the table does not deliver back our sovereignty or leave us free to realise our free trading ambitions."

We could not agree more. If you agree with Anne Marie that we just want to be free, you might wish to let her know. You can do so by leaving a comment below, or by visiting her website.

Finally, we would like to thank AM for giving up part of her Sunday afternoon to give us all some hope and inspiration.

You can read more about Anne Marie and her work in her constituency on her website here.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sunday 03 March 2019

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