Latest official EU trade figures show UK is cash-cow for EU27

Why do Remain MPs want to keep us in the Customs Union and Single Market?

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In Brexit Facts4EU.Org’s continuing analysis of the latest trade figures released by the EU, we bring you the shocking truth about the Customs Union and Single Market.

Customs Union and Single Market makes the UK nothing but a captive customer for the EU27

We have analysed the latest trade figures from the EU Commission’s official statistics agency, Eurostat, and the conclusions are astonishing.

Brexit Summary

  • EU27 countries earned over £105 billion (€123 bn euros) from the UK in 2018
  • They sold us £272.4 billion of goods last year
  • They only bought £167.3 billion of goods from us
  • The EU27 countries made a staggering £105 billion pounds from the UK – in the last year alone

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Can Remain MPs please explain why the Customs Union and Single Market are so great?

Last night the Remain-dominated Parliament of the United Kingdom voted to take control of the Brexit process. Tomorrow these MPs will vote on a variety of options in yet another attempt to thwart the will of the British people as expressed in the EU Referendum.

In their speeches yesterday – and without any doubt tomorrow – scores of MPs will stand up and extol the virtues of staying in the Single Market and the Customs Union. Do any of them have the slightest idea what they are talking about?

Our figures above are irrefutable. They come from our analysis of official EU data, released only last week.

The simple fact is that the EU27 make an enormous amount of money from the UK each year - £105 billion last year alone – and the UK is unable to do its own trade deals globally.

Where on earth is the BBC or Sky News on this?

In such a febrile atmosphere, real facts are essential in informing the debate. If we at Brexit Facts4EU.Org – with almost no funding – can analyse and summarise the essential latest information, why can’t the BBC or Sky News do this, with its massive resources?

And if they have analysed the figures, did you hear any of the above on the news? No.


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[ Sources : Eurostat trade data for 2018, released last week – we used latest conversion rate of £1 = €1.17 euros ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 26 Mar 2019

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