The 17 most anti-democratic Tory MPs

Remoaners who voted to prevent a World Trade Brexit

Tory Remoaners

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Only one anti-Brexit, anti-democracy amendment was passed last night in the Commons. It was Dame Caroline Spelman’s, which “rejects the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship”.

17 of the most extreme anti-Brexit Europhiles on the Conservative benches supported this amendment. Although not legally-binding, it shows the voting intentions of MPs in the event of the default ‘Go WTO’ World Trade Brexit on 29 March.

The amendment was passed by 318 to 310. Without the anti-democratic Conservative votes of the 17 MPs shown below, it would have failed by 301 to 327 – a defeat by 26 votes.

The implications of this amendment

This amendment weakens the hand of the Government in seeking to re-open the Withdrawal Agreement negotiations with the EU.

In any negotiation, the knowledge of the other side that you can walk away is paramount. Without this, why should they give an inch? It is breathtakingly incompetent to attempt to remove this ultimate bargaining point from the Government, and suggests one of two possibilities:-

  • All supporting MPs (including the 17 Tories) want to scupper Brexit
  • They are so lacking in the basics of negotiating that they simply don’t understand anything


In compiling any hit-list of Conservative MPs to be held to account and de-selected, the above list is a good starting point.

The vast majority of other Conservative MPs also failed to respect the Referendum result last night, to varying degrees, but we thought readers might want to start with individuals who so clearly think themselves above the people.

30 Jan 2019
[ Sources: House of Commons Voting Services ]

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Reader Comments 4

1. James Bertram , Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 09:34:

Just to repeat my comment from the Anne Marie Morris article, which is relevant here'.
'Sir John Redwood also refused to back the Brady amendment - see John Redwoods Diary today.
If I want to be cynical, ERG's backing of this amendment is more about uniting the Tory party than doing what's best for the country.
ERG may well be right that the numbers are not there. But if Parliament and/or the EU cannot agree a deal then we leave on the 29th March on WTO terms - much the best solution. As long as WTO is on the table, the numbers do not have to be there.
So what we all must do is make sure that WTO is not taken off the table. I expect there will be another attempt at the Cooper amendment before long, particularly when May comes back from Brussels with her tail between her legs again, or with minimal improvements agreed. The 17 Tory MPs in the BF4EU article for today is of upmost importance. It is these Remainer MPs (and the 'Hairshirt' group of Ministers) that particularly need to be targeted with continuous protest, and to be ousted at the next opportunity.'

2. Not4EU, London , Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 09:54:

Just how many votes are these remoaner MPs having trying to reverse a democratic decision? Their sense of entitlement to ignore democracy is breathtaking.
These 'amendments' only had one purpose, to stop us leaving, despite their 'claims'. These same people, whose amendments' outcome were based on 'renegotiation' today say that the EU will never renegotiate. As they seem to know this, there was really only one purpose for these wrecking amendments - prevent us leaving. I know that joined-up thinking is not a strong point with the remoaners, but really? The people are not stupid.

3. W Alkaway , Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 10:51:

All MPs who try to block a clean break from the EU and who are voting against their Constituents' will must be deselected, and soon. No excuses. The facts have been readily available for them to read. The People are hungry for a clean Brexit, and that means absolutely no ties. We have had it with the EU using us as a Cash Cow. We have had it with all the tirade of abuse from so called EU 'Leaders' who are so inept themselves that they've dragged down an advanced Europe into bankruptcy. We have seen the bribery and deception. OUR eyes are open, and it's time for OUR Voices to be heard.

4. James Bertram , Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 10:53:

The first ballot box opportunity to show your displeasure with these MPs is through the local elections on May 2nd (and perhaps the Peterborough by-election, if earlier).
I repeat my comment from yesterday:
Anyone thinking of standing for local elections needs to get on with it. I received an email from the Social Democratic Party today. If you want to stand for them you need to apply to the authorities for a Basic Disclosure Check today, so as to get it back by March. Too, you need to apply to the SDP to be a candidate by 15th February (get in touch with them now for more information). I imagine it will be a similar procedure for any other party. If you stand as an independent then you probably have more time. Candidate Nominations have to be submitted by Wednesday 3rd April 4pm for all candidates.

Please note: Your email address is never published.