The 17 most anti-democratic Tory MPs

Remoaners who voted to prevent a World Trade Brexit

Tory Remoaners

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Only one anti-Brexit, anti-democracy amendment was passed last night in the Commons. It was Dame Caroline Spelman’s, which “rejects the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship”.

17 of the most extreme anti-Brexit Europhiles on the Conservative benches supported this amendment. Although not legally-binding, it shows the voting intentions of MPs in the event of the default ‘Go WTO’ World Trade Brexit on 29 March.

The amendment was passed by 318 to 310. Without the anti-democratic Conservative votes of the 17 MPs shown below, it would have failed by 301 to 327 – a defeat by 26 votes.

The implications of this amendment

This amendment weakens the hand of the Government in seeking to re-open the Withdrawal Agreement negotiations with the EU.

In any negotiation, the knowledge of the other side that you can walk away is paramount. Without this, why should they give an inch? It is breathtakingly incompetent to attempt to remove this ultimate bargaining point from the Government, and suggests one of two possibilities:-

  • All supporting MPs (including the 17 Tories) want to scupper Brexit
  • They are so lacking in the basics of negotiating that they simply don’t understand anything


In compiling any hit-list of Conservative MPs to be held to account and de-selected, the above list is a good starting point.

The vast majority of other Conservative MPs also failed to respect the Referendum result last night, to varying degrees, but we thought readers might want to start with individuals who so clearly think themselves above the people.

30 Jan 2019
[ Sources: House of Commons Voting Services ]

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