'Go WTO' Mini-Posters Now Available

Sponsored Ads Social Media Campaign Launched

Go WTO tiles

As part of our growing 'Go WTO' campaign, yesterday we launched sponsored messages on Twitter. These consist of what are known as 'tiles' - simple pictures with messages embedded in them.

We are happy to make these tiles available free to all. Please use them wherever and whenever you can. You could use them on websites, on Facebook, or perhaps as part of flyers you might wish to hand out if campaigning locally? You could even put one in your front window!

NOTE: To make this page load faster we have produced a screengrab. To download full-size versions of the individual tiles, please use the links below the screengrab. They are ordered alphabetically.

Go WTO tiles
Go WTO tiles

Click below for the full-size version of each tile


It helps us if you can let us know if you use these, so that we can track the strength and reach of the campaign across the country. In any case the team is always delighted to hear from readers. We're working such long hours that any encouragement gives us a boost!

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Reader Comments 3

1. Greg , Friday, January 11, 2019, 15:36:

I like your short and punchy messages. Nice pictures too! I din't have a chance yet to check them out on social media, but I'm sure they work well on there too.

2. Jon, Wales, UK , Saturday, January 12, 2019, 08:09:

Members of Parliament supporting a clean WTO Brexit would be doing a service if they make their constituents aware of these posters. We need to plaster our country with them along with our British Union Flag, and be proud to do so.
MPs who voted remain were entitled to do so, yet they now fight the largest democratic INSTRUCTION in British history. They fail to understand their disgraceful words and actions in Parliament prove they treat the electorate with utter contempt - and they wonder why there is a disconnect between them and the electorate.
It has become extremely clear to me that democratically elected MPs are selective with the outcome of votes cast. They voted by nearly 6:1 to give the decades promised referendum to us. In doing so, they accepted the outcome would be remain or Leave. It is an obvious FACT MPs believed we were not stupid then, but now believe we are?
The country voted by a decisive majority to "Leave the European Union". If remain MPs have a problem with this, then I ask them to turn their vitriol towards one MP who sits in the House of Commons claiming his taxpayer funded salary and expenses, yet won his Westminster seat by only TWO votes?

3. Harvey , Saturday, January 12, 2019, 09:14:

I have just started to create a new website (It is a work in progress) I have used these 16 images on my homepage with embedded links back to this page. ukfreefromtheeu.co.uk

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