Negotiate Brexit? Non merci, nein danke

EU’s extreme Withdrawal Agreement comes back to bite them


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Here is the reaction from the EU yesterday :-

“The backstop is part of the Withdrawal Agreement, and the Withdrawal Agreement is not open for re-negotiation.”

- Donald Tusk, EU Council President (unelected)

“The Withdrawal Agreement will not be renegotiated.”

- Jean Claude Juncker, EU Commission President (unelected)

“The backstop is part and parcel of the Withdrawal Agreement and this agreement will not be renegotiated.”

- Michel Barnier, EU Chief Brexit Negotiator (unelected)

“The Withdrawal Agreement is not up for renegotiation and is not going to be reopened.”

- Leo Varadkar, Irish Taoiseach (anti-British)

“Olly Robbins remains PM’s chief Brexit negotiator”

- Downing St spokesperson (unbelievable)


When faced with a weak opponent across the negotiating table, it is generally wise not to take complete advantage. A deal reached under such circumstances never survives.

Only the EU-fanatic political ideologues in Brussels could have imagined that the deal made with Mrs May would stand scrutiny. It is patently the most inequitable, one-sided, and dictatorial draft international treaty ever devised.

For the EU to cry ‘foul’ is wholly disingenuous. For most of last year they were faced with a quisling representing a child. And they took full advantage.

They should have known that any deal struck with such people was unlikely to pass muster.

They only have themselves to blame for negotiating something worse than the Treaty of Versailles.

31 Jan 2019

[ Sources : EU Council | EU Parliament ]

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Reader Comments 8

1. Concerned Expat , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 06:08:

Leaving with no deal was and will be the only best deal for the UK. The sooner it happens to its fullest extent the better for the sake of the country. My only hope thereafetr is the eu collapses upon itself. We all know the direction of travel is communism under the eu banner.

2. Ashley Great Britain , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 07:14:

I agree but, the pm and remainer establishment do not want no deal. They know that a wto deal is actually brexit which they are trying to stop.
The eu will say there will be no re opening of the withdrawal agreement right up until the last hour.then they will offer a slight alternative allowing a get out after a long period of time. I fear the pm will sign up to this diabolical agreement out of fear of a real brexit.
Don't forget the agreement contains many drastically bad parts for britain,its brexit in name only.

3. Jon, Wales , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 07:25:

So-called self-important EU negotiator's need to get a life out of their luxurious bubble that British taxpayers part own, by way of the UK being the second highest NET contributor to it and its many buildings. They live the lifestyle many dream of as they continue to suck up more taxpayers cash from wherever they can. I haven't ever noticed them reduce their spending. If they're short on funds they often fine an entire member country for breaking some ridiculous rule or other, yet break rules themselves whenever they feel like it.
Taxpayers in EU member countries (including Eire) that are NET contributor's to the EU scam need to wake up and realise what's happening because they subsidise the many NET recipients. It's been a slow and quiet EU juggernaut engineered at the expense of the less well off.
The EU need to understand ANY agreement is ALWAYS up for renegotiation if one of the parties so chooses. These things are not set in stone despite what we hear from the dictatorial EU - they're just upset at losing their second highest paymasters - aka British taxpayers?
Perhaps EU member countries need to consider how much THEY OWE THE UK before they completely destroy British goodwill. They should also remember goodwill works both ways and Brits are losing patience (including with our own Parliament) - FAST!
I continue to support NO-DEAL and a CLEAN BREXIT.
From DAY ONE: we will save £39 billion or more; No transition; Sign deals; Territorial waters taken back to the 200 mile limit, or to the median line; Our Supreme Court will again be supreme; No more CJEU ruling over us; We make our own laws, spend our own money on UK priorities - the list is endless. Ignore the hard border issue - this was instigated by the EU - It is a none-issue, and let no MP deceive you into thinking otherwise.
Trade will continue, planes will fly, and so on - So what's not to like?

4. Ashley Great Britain , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 07:49:

Agree! We are up against big business interests who have actively found and paid off members of parliament.
They make decisions and laws to benefit the few at the expence of the many.
This has happened for many years.
The referendum was only supposed to close the door on the question of our eu membership.instead we blew it right open and smashed the hinges.
I think we will end up fighting very hard by all means for as long as it takes to exit.
We will succeed together and the eu will collapse.

5. Not4EU, London , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 08:03:

In addition to the well-known 'biggies' mentioned by Jon, there are also some lesser published terms that will not apply with a clean WTO break -
EU personnel will pay taxes in this country if eligible (resident etc);
EU personnel (including future employees) will not be exempt from our laws, forever;
We will have a single set of citizen rights, determined by us, & applicable to all - not a dual system where foreign EU nationals can 'pick & choose' which suits them best & we must comply.
These are just some examples of what else is in the WA. It seems to be a cut & paste job of relevant clauses from EU Treaties to maintain EU control & the privileged lifestyle of the EU bureaucrats.
With all of the focus deliberately drawn to the 'backstop', everyone, & in particular our MPs, need to be reminded about the other dangers in the rest of the agreement. It must not be passed. It needs ripping up.
Whatever did happen to the rest of the AG's advice on the rest of the agreement, to be provided to the House? Did they think that we've forgotten that the Govt are still in contempt?

6. Concerned Expat , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 08:44:

Ashley well said in your comments. I now realize the 'swamp' is the Westminster bubble. Just as in the USA we are in deep trouble. This has been building up for Europe in the last 47 years. The slow march through the EEC to the eu and communism.
It is so sad to see how many politicians of both sides of both chambers of Government and local government who either hate the country or worse want to see it become a communist enclave or worse a caliphate.
Look to Venezuela, one of Corbyn's places he admires so much, could be so much better, but is now a basket case with inflation unimaginable in size. Is that what these remoanians /socialists want for Britain?
If it was not for Facts4eu there would be no facts about the eu readily available! It is a very valuable service they provide in these darkening times.

7. steve , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 09:19:

I am sure that Treason May will give in at the last minute and jet off to the EU leaving us with a very bad deal, and on that though i was wondering if anyone knew where you can buy good quality drones to fly ......

8. Patrick F , Thursday, January 31, 2019, 09:28:

Response to Facts4eu from J C Junkyard.
"This is the way we do it, this was the way we did it, this is the way we will always do it. We do not negotiate. Au revoir."

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