Campaign Is Joined By More Brexit Groups

Summary Explainers Are Now Appearing On Our ‘Go WTO’ Pages

We are delighted to inform readers that there has been a huge response to the launch of our “Go WTO” campaign on Tuesday 08 January.

Not only do we have the backing of three stalwart and respected MPs who are fully behind the campaign and are available for TV interviews, we also have other Brexit groups joining up to support the initiative.


What IS 'Go WTO'?

We are now providing summary explainers on the 'Go WTO' section of this site. You can access them using the right-hand menu.

We published some yesterday and will be adding to these today and in the coming days. These are short, simple explanations, backed by our intensive research from official sources, to help explain why a clean Brexit on 29 March on WTO terms is now the most desirable option.

Sponsored Social Media Campaign Begins In Earnest Today

Today on Twitter you will start to see some new ‘tiles’ (images with key messages embedded) which promote various aspects of the “Go WTO” solution to a clean Brexit on 29 March.

Tomorrow we hope to launch the Facebook campaign.

At the same time our PR team is promoting the three main MPs who have kindly agreed to make themselves available for interviews with the broadcast and print media.

You matter

Most importantly of all – for us – is the positive reaction from so many ordinary voters out there. It is for you, our readers and our new followers, that we do this. None of us want to be famous, nor to enter political life, and in the last three years we’ve all become poorer as a result of our research and daily publication of real facts about the EU and Brexit!

So we dedicate this campaign to all of you and to any of your relatives and friends who sadly didn’t live to see us leave the EU. Please get behind it in every way you can.

  • Write to your MP using our flyer, or better still in your own words
  • Promote links to it far and wide – Twitter, Facebook, and to groups you are members of
  • Use #GoWTO on your postings, and link to this page
  • Use our Brexit Battle Pack for MPs’ contact details and for important tips
  • Donate to help us pay for social media promotion, web, PR and other costs


The more support we get, the greater the reach, and the more pressure on MPs to do the right thing.

Did you watch any of the debate in Parliament yesterday? To hear some of these MPs speak, you would think that we had never had a Referendum! It is now urgent that we tell them to respect the vote or lose our votes!

Thank you all so much for your support, and remember, this is YOUR campaign.

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