(A quick and readable summary of why Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement stinks)

How on earth can any MP vote for this, and how can the ERG capitulate?

Brexit Facts4EU.Org gives a simple 15-point summary of this national humiliation

Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister | Olly Robbins, civil servant | Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Chairman of ERG

Below we’ve drafted the shortest summary we’ve seen anywhere, demonstrating why no self-respecting Member of Parliament should even consider voting for Mrs May’s surrender document – with or without any last-minute amendments.

This is not an exit and future trade agreement

This is not an agreement setting out how the UK and the EU27 will close their partnership and how they will do business together after Brexit. The two sides have had 31 months to agree such terms but have failed to do so, mostly because the EU refused even to discuss it for the majority of this time.

This is a one-sided international treaty the likes of which have never been seen outside of a surrender document following a country’s defeat in war. It defines our subjugation to foreign powers for decades to come.

15 fundamental reasons why Mrs May’s
Withdrawal Agreement is an abomination

  1. From 29 March the UK will be under the de facto jurisdiction of a group of 27 foreign powers, with no ability to veto laws or procedures affecting our country and its citizens
  2. The EU27 can make decisions in Council behind closed doors, with no published minutes, which would profoundly affect British businesses, citizens, and the economy
  3. The EU27 could even impose new taxes on the UK, and Parliament could do nothing about it
  4. The EU27 could cripple the vitally-important UK financial sector, with new taxes and regulations
  5. A major part of the Agreement (the Northern Irish Protocol) locks the UK into a permanent customs union with the EU, with no unilateral right of the UK to terminate
  6. The Northern Ireland Protocol requires the Province to obey existing and new Single Market rules, with no say over them, and effectively splits off Northern Ireland into being a colony of the EU and the Republic, thereby breaking the United Kingdom in two
  7. The UK will have no right to do international free trade deals – a key economic benefit of Brexit – because it must stick to protectionist EU tariffs. The British public cannot benefit from an independent trade policy resulting in much cheaper imported goods, nor can our exporters thrive
  8. Any new EU trade agreements would require the UK to match the new lower tariffs, but the countries involved would not be required to reciprocate in respect of the UK
  9. The UK would remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ until at least the end of 2020 and the agreement makes provision to extend this until 2022
  10. In some parts of the law, British courts would have to obey the ECJ for over 100 years - the lifetimes of as yet unborn children
  11. The UK would not be a truly sovereign nation in the lifetimes of all reading this
  12. The Agreement means the UK paying at least £39 billion, despite there being no legal obligation to pay anything like that amount, and with no new UK-EU trade deal guaranteed in return
  13. The final amount taken from British taxpayers would be decided by the EU, and the UK would have no say because the ECJ would rule on this
  14. Other aspects of the Agreement and Political Declaration would adversely affect the UK’s autonomy in fishing, defence, foreign policy, competition law, state aid and many other areas of life
  15. The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration together lock the UK into a continuing and subservient relationship with the EU, agreeing to match and “build upon” current arrangements, giving away money, sovereignty, laws, and even decisions on the very composition of the United Kingdom itself.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 28 Feb 2019

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In summarising a 585-page document, plus the 26 pages of the Political Declaration, we have not been able to qualify or nuance every statement above, nor to include all the terrible aspects of this ‘deal’.

It is a summary, but at least it’s readable by ordinary voters, and by MPs who don’t seem to have read the most important treaty they will ever be called to vote upon.


We find it extraordinary that the BBC continues to refer to the ERG group of Conservative MPs as ‘hard-line Brexiteers’, when they are clearly nothing of the sort.

The ERG started out by upholding the basic premise of the EU Referendum vote, then upholding the Conservative Party manifesto commitments, and now they appear to be caving in to such an extent that they will vote for this deal if some extra wording is added at the end, as an ‘annex’.

Our position is : No surrender, no prisoners.

The most important thing now is to mobilise public opinion against this deal, and against the anti-democratic MPs who either support it or who wish Brexit to be stopped completely.

In a democracy, power is derived from the people, and governments rule by common consent. By its abrogation of its manifesto commitments, this Government does not have our consent, and nor do the vast majority of MPs.

It is now more essential than it has ever been to bring the weight of popular opinion to bear. Please support our #GoWTO campaign in whatever way you can, and please write to your MP today. See our article with practical information on Tuesday here.

Tomorrow is the first day of March. We’re supposed to leave on the 29th. Please support us in any way you can, including by giving us a donation to carry on the fight.

[ Sources : Draft Withdrawal Agreement | Draft Political Declaration | Hansard ]

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 28 Feb 2019

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