(A quick and readable summary of why Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement stinks)

How on earth can any MP vote for this, and how can the ERG capitulate?

Brexit Facts4EU.Org gives a simple 15-point summary of this national humiliation

Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister | Olly Robbins, civil servant | Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Chairman of ERG

Below we’ve drafted the shortest summary we’ve seen anywhere, demonstrating why no self-respecting Member of Parliament should even consider voting for Mrs May’s surrender document – with or without any last-minute amendments.

This is not an exit and future trade agreement

This is not an agreement setting out how the UK and the EU27 will close their partnership and how they will do business together after Brexit. The two sides have had 31 months to agree such terms but have failed to do so, mostly because the EU refused even to discuss it for the majority of this time.

This is a one-sided international treaty the likes of which have never been seen outside of a surrender document following a country’s defeat in war. It defines our subjugation to foreign powers for decades to come.

15 fundamental reasons why Mrs May’s
Withdrawal Agreement is an abomination

  1. From 29 March the UK will be under the de facto jurisdiction of a group of 27 foreign powers, with no ability to veto laws or procedures affecting our country and its citizens
  2. The EU27 can make decisions in Council behind closed doors, with no published minutes, which would profoundly affect British businesses, citizens, and the economy
  3. The EU27 could even impose new taxes on the UK, and Parliament could do nothing about it
  4. The EU27 could cripple the vitally-important UK financial sector, with new taxes and regulations
  5. A major part of the Agreement (the Northern Irish Protocol) locks the UK into a permanent customs union with the EU, with no unilateral right of the UK to terminate
  6. The Northern Ireland Protocol requires the Province to obey existing and new Single Market rules, with no say over them, and effectively splits off Northern Ireland into being a colony of the EU and the Republic, thereby breaking the United Kingdom in two
  7. The UK will have no right to do international free trade deals – a key economic benefit of Brexit – because it must stick to protectionist EU tariffs. The British public cannot benefit from an independent trade policy resulting in much cheaper imported goods, nor can our exporters thrive
  8. Any new EU trade agreements would require the UK to match the new lower tariffs, but the countries involved would not be required to reciprocate in respect of the UK
  9. The UK would remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ until at least the end of 2020 and the agreement makes provision to extend this until 2022
  10. In some parts of the law, British courts would have to obey the ECJ for over 100 years - the lifetimes of as yet unborn children
  11. The UK would not be a truly sovereign nation in the lifetimes of all reading this
  12. The Agreement means the UK paying at least £39 billion, despite there being no legal obligation to pay anything like that amount, and with no new UK-EU trade deal guaranteed in return
  13. The final amount taken from British taxpayers would be decided by the EU, and the UK would have no say because the ECJ would rule on this
  14. Other aspects of the Agreement and Political Declaration would adversely affect the UK’s autonomy in fishing, defence, foreign policy, competition law, state aid and many other areas of life
  15. The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration together lock the UK into a continuing and subservient relationship with the EU, agreeing to match and “build upon” current arrangements, giving away money, sovereignty, laws, and even decisions on the very composition of the United Kingdom itself.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 28 Feb 2019

Would you like to use this summary?

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In summarising a 585-page document, plus the 26 pages of the Political Declaration, we have not been able to qualify or nuance every statement above, nor to include all the terrible aspects of this ‘deal’.

It is a summary, but at least it’s readable by ordinary voters, and by MPs who don’t seem to have read the most important treaty they will ever be called to vote upon.


We find it extraordinary that the BBC continues to refer to the ERG group of Conservative MPs as ‘hard-line Brexiteers’, when they are clearly nothing of the sort.

The ERG started out by upholding the basic premise of the EU Referendum vote, then upholding the Conservative Party manifesto commitments, and now they appear to be caving in to such an extent that they will vote for this deal if some extra wording is added at the end, as an ‘annex’.

Our position is : No surrender, no prisoners.

The most important thing now is to mobilise public opinion against this deal, and against the anti-democratic MPs who either support it or who wish Brexit to be stopped completely.

In a democracy, power is derived from the people, and governments rule by common consent. By its abrogation of its manifesto commitments, this Government does not have our consent, and nor do the vast majority of MPs.

It is now more essential than it has ever been to bring the weight of popular opinion to bear. Please support our #GoWTO campaign in whatever way you can, and please write to your MP today. See our article with practical information on Tuesday here.

Tomorrow is the first day of March. We’re supposed to leave on the 29th. Please support us in any way you can, including by giving us a donation to carry on the fight.

[ Sources : Draft Withdrawal Agreement | Draft Political Declaration | Hansard ]

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 28 Feb 2019

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Reader Comments 25

1. Concerned Expat , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 07:31:

I was so excited on the day after the referendum in 2016! I thought at last the wrongs of the previous 45 years and the conservative government of Heath would be rectified.
Today I look at the Westminster bubble in utter disgust and look at the bookies odds of no-brexit, i.e. the UK tied to a sinking ship. I utterly have no faith left in the UK surviving - the people want to be free but the so-called politicians are mere charlatans, no puppets. They leave the work to mostly civil servants who remain in the shadows.
The whole of the media is the same, apart from Facts4EU and some others who dare put heads above parapets.
These are sad, dark times for a once Great Britain.

2. Gary / York , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 07:55:

Yes Expat, it feels like an upside down world. Our politicians are happy to flex their muscles against us: the public who are their voters and employers. In situations when they should actually show strength - for example standing up to the EU - they are incapable of doing so. Notice how many of our politicians went to Brussels all puffed up saying they will tell the EU this and that and later we saw them appearing like a mouse? They melt like a snowflake when we need them.

3. Patrick F , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 07:56:

Any one of those 15 points is reason enough to reject the WA.
One of the many ironies of the People's Vote argument is that we, the electorate should be voting on the contents of 585 pages of legalese vs Remain.
I assume if we are asked to vote again that the Withdrawal Agreement will be posted to every household in the UK, so that I can make an informed decision....AGAIN.
I suggest the People's Vote campaign pay for this, not the tax payer.

4. Kate, East London , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 08:06:

What a traitor! Shame on you May.
By all means give away your own private properties or whatever you own to anyone you want and I don't care. But the basis of your job is NOT to give away anything that belongs to the country and not you. You and your 'golden Olly boy' should look in the mirror sometimes.
The ERG is like a faulty pressure-cooker: lots of steam but nothing gets cooked.
Thank you Facts4eu for this summary which is so revealing. I made a small donation and will donate again when I can. Keep up the good work!

5. Concerned Expat , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 08:19:

Sad indeed to see the ERG "faulty pressure-cooker". The People's Vote is a load of crap from start to finish, it would be the third referendum. First one on the EEC, the next two on the EU. What happens if this so-called people's vote comes up with the wrong answer? Another one or how many times it takes to give the correct answer? Politicians disgust me, they have no guts, no honesty, no common sense and certainly no sense of duty (with very few exceptions).

6. Ian , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 08:24:

We voted to LEAVE, not for a 'deal' with the EU.
In any case, May's WA is so convoluted it hands the EU so much wriggle room as to make it worthless.

7. Sydney Ashurst , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 09:52:

I think Rees-Mogg is teasing the Media. He is aware as everyone else that the Commission cannot remove the backstop.It is unlikely that Cox's codpiece if it ever appears gives the assurances the ERG group plus DUP as a whole require.
Labour remains against the meaningful vote as does the SNP, LibDem, etc. Last night 20 Conservatives voted against the Government, whilst many abstained, showing disapproval.
Do not give up heart, the Withdrawal Agreement stands little better chance next time around.

8. David Ward , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 09:55:

If we don't get a clean Brexit we might just as well stay in so that we retain the ability to send anti EU MEP's to Brussels.
Part of me wants them to reverse it just to see what happens during our next elections.

9. James Bertram , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 11:07:

Yes, it's better to stay in the EU than sign up to this crap - we then have a delay over which time we get rid of these politicians and political parties at the local elections on May 2nd, the European elections on May 23rd, and the next General Election (perhaps earlier than 2022 if May gets confident or desperate, or if ERG finds the courage to pull the plug on this Quisling Government.).
Don't forget, if you want to stand as an Independent candidate at the May Local Elections then your nomination papers have to be in by the 3rd April. There is no deposit to pay, no need for an election agent, no need for your address to be on the ballot paper, you need 10 supporters, and you serve for 4 years. More information is on the Electoral Commission website, and on the various Borough Council websites under 'How to become a councillor' - or just contact them directly.
If we can get rid of the Conservatives at the Local Elections, that might result in May and her cronies getting kicked out earlier. Voters desperately need an alternative to vote for instead of the current traitors.
If you are at all able to, please stand (even if you might have to resign in a year or two's time - for other commitments).

10. Chris , Thursday, February 28, 2019, 11:31:

What we have here is the most appalling act of treachery and betrayal against the British people in Centuries. The thing that has struck me however, is just how bone-headed and stupid these Remainer MPs are. Do they really think that they can carry out this act of Fascism with impunity? Do they think there will be no retribution or pay-back?
If we put aside the likelihood of violence and disorder (both of which are highly probable), the Tories will suffer massive losses at the next General Election, possibly destroying the Party for good. Similarly, now that Corbyn has nailed his colours firmly to the Remain mast, he has at a stroke, lost millions of leave voting Labour supporters. My expectation is that the Brexit Party will win at least a 100 seats, leading to a hung Parliament with the BP holding the balance of power.
I guess one slight glimmer of hope is that one of the EU27 refuses to agree to the extension of A50, so we then get No Deal by default, regardless of what MPs decide.

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