Scotland could rejoin EU in “shorter” timeframe, says top EU lawmaker

Merkel ally and EU Parliament committee chairman raises false hopes for Nicola Sturgeon


Brexit Facts4EU.Org goes beyond the headlines, revealing what he ACTUALLY said

Yesterday the Chairman of the EU Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee – and an ally of Chancellor Merkel – gave an interview to a major German news organisation, which has been reported overnight as suggesting that Scotland could rejoin the EU “very quickly”.

No doubt Mrs Sturgeon and the SNP will be using this story in their continuous propaganda fight for another referendum on independence for Scotland, as a result of Brexit.

Before they do so, readers may wish to consider the following:-

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

No, Scotland would not be able to join the EU quickly

  • Mrs Sturgeon would do well to review what Herr McAllister actually said:
  • David McAllister MEP is half-German and half-Scottish, born in Berlin to a Glaswegian father
  • He holds German and British nationalities

Interview with David McAllister MEP by Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland

The key excerpt on Scotland joining the EU as an independent country

Interviewer: ”Could Scotland become a member of the EU again very quickly after a referendum on independence?”

Herr McAllister: ”That is currently a theoretical question. The first requirement for this would be that Scotland become an independent state. Since the EU legal system is part of the United Kingdom in Scotland, an admission procedure would probably be shorter than for a country that has to gradually move closer to the EU in legal, economic and political terms.”

NOTE: At no time did Herr McAllister suggest that Scotland could join the EU quickly.

For German speakers, the full interview is here.

What would Scotland be facing?

  1. The SNP would need to get permission to hold another referendum – and win it
  2. Scotland would then need to leave the United Kingdom and become an independent country
  3. This process alone will take years
  4. Scotland would then need to meet the EU’s criteria for joining
  5. Currently it is nowhere near meeting the financial conditions for membership
  6. Then Scotland could look forward to a decade of negotiations with the EU

How long does it take a country to join the EU?

It took the EU’s 28th member state (Croatia) 12 years to join the EU.

Croatia signed the initial ‘Stabilisation and Association Agreement’ with the EU on 29 October 2001. It then took 12 years of negotiations and dramatic and forced changes in the country’s public finances before it was finally able to join the EU on 01 July 2013.


There are so many obstacles in the way of a theoretically independent Scotland joining the European Union, it’s hard to know where to start.

Above - purely in terms of the basic process - we have debunked any claims by the SNP today that Scotland could quickly join the EU after Brexit. Indeed this is not what Herr McAllister said. As a German who is proud of his half-Scottish ancestry he merely indicated a hope that Scotland’s EU accession process might not take as long as it usually does.

If readers are interested, tomorrow we could demonstrate with some simple and official facts and figures from Scotland’s own devolved government why the EU’s and SNP’s clear desire to break up the United Kingdom is not based in reality.

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[ Sources: Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) | EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 30 Dec 2019

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