BBC leads with more Brexit and Backstop doom and gloom

“EU officials: No basis for 'meaningful' UK Brexit talks”


Brexit Facts4EU.Org has yet to see the BBC put the Northern Ireland border question into context

For more than three years we have helpfully published all manner of detailed information to assist the BBC in informing the public properly about the Northern Ireland border and “the Backstop”, but strangely they have failed to use any of it.

This morning (at the time of writing) it heads their news once again, with a story from Adam Fleming in Brussels. The surprise news is that EU officials say “There is currently no basis for ‘meaningful discussions’ with the UK over Brexit” and that “proposals such as abolishing the Irish backstop were unacceptable.”

Well, no kidding, BBC. We think our readers all knew that.

Presenting news impartially

If the BBC News & Current Affairs Dept confined itself to reporting the news, they could argue that it is not their job to present facts which show issues in context. Years ago, however, they became an opinion machine and even set up their own “Reality Check” service.

In our opinion this service is as anti-Brexit as we are pro-Brexit. The difference is that we have no obligation to present both sides of any argument impartially. The BBC does.

The Good Friday Agreement

The Good Friday Agreement has been weaponised by the EU with the full collusion of the Irish Government. As the BBC do not seem to have read it, we thought they might like to know that nowhere does the Agreement specifically discuss the border at all, apart from one reference to local economic development.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Number of times key words are mentioned in the Good Friday Agreement

1  (not relevant to Brexit)
Single Market
Customs Union

The above is just one example from the many facts we have published on this non-issue in recent years. The EU has been allowed to get away with massive distortions without a balanced view being presented to the public.


We are considering producing another of our famous ‘one-pagers’ on Northern Ireland. It would contain facts and figures – all from official sources – which demonstrate the absurdity of the EU’s position.

Is this something which readers would find useful?

For newer readers

We should reiterate that the N.I. Backstop is just one of the many, many aspects of Mrs May’s appaling surrender treaty which are wholly unacceptable. Removing one maggot-infested apple from an entire basket of rotten apples does not make the basket saleable.

Our stance has always been that the EU would never do a sensible deal with the UK and we have not changed our view in the four years since we started our daily research.

As ever, we invite readers to help us to keep going, with a small donation. Or even a large one! Quick and secure donation methods are below and we are grateful for anything we receive. Thank you.

[ Sources: The GFA | BBC ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 06 Aug 2019

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