Brexit Facts4EU.Org plans to expose EU military plans in a one-pager

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Our article overnight on the EU Parliament’s approval yesterday of yet more military expenditure has provoked the usual backlash from Remainers on social media.

We also know that most MPs have not been informed about what Theresa May has been signing us up to, SINCE the Referendum.

The Brexit Facts4EU.Org team therefore thought that it might be a good idea to produce one of our famous one-pager PDF’s on the subject of the EU and its military ambitions. We could even produce two, with the second one showing how the EU27 countries have failed NATO while the UK has been the stalwart.

The PDF’s can be used to rebut Remainers on social media,
used when out campaigning,
or printed off and sent to MPs.

One-pagers sound easy

In fact they’re the hardest and most time-consuming thing we do. It’s so much easier to write 3,000 word essays than to produce punchy summaries containing killer facts and charts.

Is this something you might want to back and/or sponsor? If so, we could probably produce something by Easter Sunday if enough of us work on it. If anyone donates for this, we could put your name as a sponsor on the article, or keep it confidential, as you wished.

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