31% rise in goods exports to the World since the EU Referendum

Goods exports have even risen by 28% to the EU

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UK’s exporters continue to defy the doom merchants

The latest trade figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday demolish Project Fear’s claims that UK exports would ‘fall off a cliff’. UK exports to the World have risen by 31% when comparing June 2023 with June 2016 (the month of the EU Referendum).

Facts4EU.Org in association with the umbrella organisation for many Brexit groups CIBUK.Org thought readers might want some good news at the end of this week. As the BBC will not provide it, we will.

Once again the UK’s exporters continue to defy the obstacles placed in their way by the EU - all of which makes awkward reading for Rejoiners.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

UK goods exports, 2016-2023

1. June 2023 world exports compared with June 2016

  • June 2016 : £24.1 bn
  • June 2023 : £31.5 bn
  • Percentage increase : 30.8%

[Source: Office for National Statistics, 13 Sept 2023.]

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2. UK monthly goods exports to the EU, June 2016 (Referendum month) to June 2023

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[Source: Office for National Statistics, 13 Sept 2023.]

Brexit Britain beats all the odds

Despite the EU's No.1 economy Germany having gone into recession, the EU is continuing to buy more from the UK than it has done since records began in 1979. Even allowing for inflation and for the increase in the price of energy products sold to the EU, the numbers are impressive.


Over the last seven years British truckers have had to contend with everything from Dutch Customs officials rejecting loads because “the wrong coloured ink” was used on the export forms, to French Customs officials being… well, particularly French.

Nonetheless the UK’s exporters have persevered and have clearly won through. We congratulate them all, especially the lorry drivers. We also congratulate the British companies increasing their export sales around the world, especially to the fast-growing markets outside the EU.

We searched in vain for this news on the BBC and therefore decided it was right to report on this. We hope readers will agree.

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 15 Sept 2023

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