EXPLOSIVE : France spends UK cash to combat illegal migrants, on microwaves, hoovers, and riding boots

Over £0.7bn of UK money to stop illegal boat migrants is funding a nice life for the gendarmes

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org presents the sorry tale of how the UK has (literally) been taken for a ride

Using documents from the French Interior Ministry we can reveal how £0.7bn of British taxpayers’ money is being used by the French in ways that were never intended by the UK Government. We are also indebted to Politico Europe, a normally pro-EU, anti-British publication, for their FoI request which revealed more. This is a scandal of more than cross-Channel proportions.

The information from the ‘Ministre de L’intérieur et des Outre-Mer’ (the equivalent of the UK’s Home Office) clearly shows how UK money has funded lifestyle choices for the French police force.

We have reviewed a 47-page French government document on ‘Immigration and Asylum’ (in French) and can now summarise for readers how money from the British people to prevent illegal boat crossings has been used in ways that were never intended. This is augmented by Politico’s important Freedom of Information request.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

British money frittered away in France

  • Latest financial commitment by UK to France : €540.3m for 2023-2026 (c.473m GBP)
  • France admits most boat migrants are from the Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southern Asia
  • France’s entire spend on illegal immigration across all its borders this year : €260.7m (c.£228m GBP)

[Source : French Interior Ministry.]

Here is the evolution of British payments to France, for it to police its own border

  • 2015-2021 : £176 m
  • 2022 : £62 m
  • 2023 : £124 m
  • 2024 : £167 m
  • 2025 : £183 m
  • TOTAL £712 m

[Sources : French Interior Ministry and UK Government.]

NOTE: We do not believe that the above represents the full total but we have listed the sums which we can identify from official documents.

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So what are the French spending the UK’s money on?

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request by Politico Europe, we now know how the French have been spending the UK Government’s money.

French authorities have spent UK money aimed at preventing migrants from crossing the English Channel in a wide variety of ways, some of them reasonable, others less so.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Here is a list of some of the ways the British money is being spent

  • Microwaves, vacuum cleaners for cars, and car adapters for charging devices
  • £130,383 to set up a horse brigade in the baie de Somme
  • Buying riding boots, helmets and care for the horses
  • Policing the border with Italy, 900 kilometres from the English Channel
  • Buying vehicles, printers and drones for this Franco-Italian border
  • Transport — including helicopters, cars, motorbikes, e-scooters and quad bikes
  • Binoculars, drones, dash cams, hunting cameras, endoscopes, and software

[Source: Politico Europe Freedom of Information request to the French government.]

Suella, eat your heart out

The language in the French document on immigration is strong - worthy of Suella Braverman. For example:

“In terms of the fight against irregular immigration, the State’s response to foreigners constituting a threat to public order has been given priority treatment.”


How on earth did we get here?

It seems extraordinary that all of this started back in 2015, under our new Foreign Secretary David Cameron's watch, when he was PM. It was further compounded by Theresa May in 2018, with the revised 'Sandhurst Treaty', and has been exacerbated by the latest Anglo-French agreement in March of this year.

We believe most voters will be outraged to learn that the UK has committed £0.7bn to fund the French in doing what they should be paying for themselves. At the very least the Government should have secured a promise from the French that they would take back all their illegal migrants in return for all this cash from the British taxpayer.

Instead, we have President Macron repeatedly refusing to take back his illegal migrants, claiming that this is a matter for the EU Commission.

Give us strength....

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[ Sources: French Interior Ministry | UK Government | Politico Europe Freedom of Information request ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 19 Nov 2023

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