Can UK Rejoiners please explain why Brexit Britain is doing better than the EU?

The EU: Negative growth, higher inflation, higher unemployment – compared with the UK

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Sometimes it’s helpful just to look at the basics

Every day the website of the EU’s statistics agency leads with headline numbers. These are figures which most people who are not economists can readily understand and which give an instant understanding of the state of things generally.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org felt it might be helpful for the UK’s Rejoiners to know these basic facts, according to the EU Commission’s own official information. Naturally these Rejoiners will try to deflect onto other subjects, but the most basic facts cannot be ignored. To ensure this is the case we are presenting them below.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The three ‘biggies’ - economic growth, inflation, and unemployment

Last quarter of 2022, or Jan 2023 where available

[Sources: Latest EU Commission and ONS official data.]

1. Economic growth - Brexit Britain is outperforming the EU

  • Brexit Britain : 0.0% (+0.3% in January)
  • The EU : -0.1%

2. Inflation - Brexit Britain is outperforming the EU

  • Brexit Britain : 8.8%
  • The EU : 10.0%

3. Unemployment - Brexit Britain is outperforming the EU

  • Brexit Britain : 3.7%
  • The EU : 6.1%

Former Secretary of State the Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP commented on our report

"Since the Brexit vote the UK has shown the Remain pessimists were wrong with most of their forecasts. There was no surge in unemployment or drop in house prices as they said. The UK has much lower unemployment than the EU and is a major magnet for people and businesses wanting to work here.

"The last two years since exit have seen faster growth in the UK. We now need to take more advantage of Brexit freedoms to do better."

Rejoiners constantly repeat ‘Brexit isn’t working’ but the facts show they are wrong

On economic growth, the simple fact is that Brexit Britain has been the fastest growing economy in the G7 for the last two years running, in 2021 and 2022.

In January of this year the UK’s GDP grew by 0.3%. In the EU’s largest economy (Germany) it fell by -0.4%.

On inflation, the simple fact is that it’s higher in the EU than in Brexit Britain. In January (the latest available figures) inflation was running at 10.0% in the EU. In the UK it was at 8.8%.

On unemployment, the simple fact is that you are still far more likely to be out of work in the EU than in the UK. This has been the case for years and Brexit has not altered this fact, despite the dire forecasts from the pro-EU Chancellor George Osborne and the pro-EU Treasury prior to the EU Referendum.

The UK’s Rejoiners and ‘Globalists’ have received over £3m in foreign funding

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Will the UK continue to outperform the EU on the three basic macro-economic indicators above? Of course not. These things generally vary from year to year. The point, however, is that we were all told by the Establishment that Brexit would be an economic disaster – and it clearly isn’t.

Indeed, Rejoiners in the UK continue to repeat their mantra that “Brexit isn’t working”, when it’s quite evidently working better than the EU average.

Speaking of work, one metric which does not look likely to change between the UK and the EU is unemployment. The EU has consistently had a significantly worse unemployment rate than the UK. When it comes to youth unemployment the situation in the EU has always been far worse.

We didn’t vote to leave on economic grounds

The irony in all of this is that no-one whom we know who voted to leave did so they thought it would make them better off. All the Brexiteers we know (and huge numbers have contacted us over the years) saw leaving the EU as being about sovereignty, independence, democracy and freedom.

Still, isn’t it good to know that Brexit Britain is holding its own financially? And this is before the Government finally gets around to implementing the freedoms we should now be enjoying, which really could accelerate the UK’s progress still further.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | UK Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 14 Mar 2023

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