On Saturday thousands of Rejoiners march on Parliament to demand Brexit be axed

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” says our Chairman

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The fight for Brexit is NOT over and those who are complacent should think again

On Saturday the BBC, Sky News and ITN will no doubt be giving significant coverage to the “March to Rejoin”. Whilst most of the marchers will be from the extremist fringe, this march should nevertheless send a warning to all Brexiteers – the fight is not yet over.

In this report we bring readers up to date with news of the march. We may well be looking at the rump of the Remain movement but it’s very well-funded and very active on social media and in its political campaigning. And it’s clearly on the rise.

£20,000 raised for this one event

The ‘GoFundMe’ site for this march shows that a total of £20,101 has been raised for this single event at the time of writing (4am, Sun 04 Sept 2022).

£20,000 for a single day’s output… The Facts4EU.Org team would love to have this sum for an entire month’s output, researching and publishing seven days-a-week. We count ourselves fortunate if we receive a total amount like that for six months’ work.

This is the tip of the iceberg, however. As we recently reported, foreign funding of Rejoiner groups stands at over £3 million.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Foreign funding of UK Rejoiner groups, 2016-2019

This is only OSF funding - we do not have details of other funding

  • Best for Britain: £400,000 (2017), £1,087,000 (2018), £1,213,689 (2019)
  • European Movement: £100,000 (2017), £100,000 (2018)
  • Scientists for EU: £35,000 (2017)
  • Bright Blue: £86,000 (2016)
  • TOTAL: £3,021,689 over four years after the Referendum

[Source: The Open Society Foundations]

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2022 - click to enlarge

Note: We do not have details of any other funding that may have been received by these groups from OSF since 2019, nor the amount of funding from other sources.

Who is speaking on Saturday?

© March For Rejoin

The first speaker is Steve Bray, whom readers will know as the constant irritant in broadcast interviews outside Parliament with his never-ending “STOP BREXIT” shouts.

Other luminaries include Femi Oluwole of the unfortunately-named OFOC group (“Our Future Our Choice”) and Madeleina Kay, who used to dress up as ‘EU Supergirl’.

Then follows a list of people we’ve never heard of until we come to one name: (Lord) Andrew Adonis.

A former Social Democratic party member, then a LibDem member, then a Labour party member, Adonis was never once elected to Parliament

Instead Tony Blair gave him a peerage and used him in various appointed government roles.

Almost 50 Rejoiner groups are massing

According to the march's website, 47 Rejoiner groups are backing this march. Whilst we have no doubt that some of these groups are tiny, it gives some idea of the scale of the anti-democratic rebellion.

We also found it interesting that the largest donor to their 'GoFundMe' web page continues to be Steve Bray (£1,500), despite him not having had a 'proper job' for all those years.

The irony of Rejoiner ignorance

Judging from the poor quality (and often abusive nature) of social media posts from Rejoiners and the absence of any facts on the ‘MarchForRejoin’ website, we doubt that the marchers will hear any real facts from the speakers.

If any of the speakers are brave enough to try, we doubt they will have done their research as we have done seven days-a-week for the last seven years.

The irony is that since 2016 Brexiteers have had to endure an endless stream of insults about being ignorant and poorly-educated. Brexiteers continue to be told they voted Leave based on some words on the side of a bus.

To be clear, we do not know of ONE single Leave voter who made their choice based on that slogan.

Many Leave voters made their decision based on overall instinct – and they were right, as the British public so often are. Many Remain voters also voted on instinct but many also voted based on the fear generated by the massed Establishment ranks and the government-sponsored campaign, prophesying an increasing panoply of Armageddons if the United Kingdom were to leave the EU.


Sadly, the fight is not yet over

Here is our Chairman :-

“One more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

“Brexit is not “done”, sadly. Not only do we have to ensure that the United Kingdom is reunited and that all of it is removed from the yoke of EU laws, we must also ensure that all the dividends from being an independent country again are realised as quickly as possible.

“As the Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP told me last month :-

“Well, we’ve scarcely started, have we? I mean, it's still very disappointing. It's great news that we finally got out, despite Parliament's worst efforts to thwart the will of the British people. But we got out with a deal, which Boris Johnson had substantially revised from Theresa May, but it still left us under some elements of EU control, which I find deeply disappointing.”

“All those who voted Leave over six years ago have a right to expect the full delivery of Brexit. It’s something called ‘democracy’ – a concept that Rejoiners would do well to acquaint themselves with. It might also help if they bothered to acquaint themselves with some official facts.”

- Leigh Evans, Chairman, Facts4EU.Org and Chairman, CIBUK.Org

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[ Sources: The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP | GoFundMe | MarchforRejoin ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 05 Sept 2022

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