BBC’s double standards revealed, as Beeb goes silent on EU’s ‘cost of living crisis’

With inflation at over 20% in some EU countries, where’s the BBC’s report?

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When UK inflation briefly went over 10% in July, the BBC was all over it like a rash

There are two main measures of inflation. There’s the official one used by the Office for National Statistics – and then there’s the one used by the BBC.

On either measure of inflation, Brexit Britain is doing better than the EU average. Facts4EU.Org exposes the roaring inflation in some EU countries.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The latest official inflation figures from the EU make for grim reading

Below we show the UK’s rate compared with the EU’s rates

1. The BBC’s measure for inflation – CPI

  • UK : 9.9%
  • EU average : 10.1%

2. The EU’s worst 10 countries with a ‘cost of living crisis’, compared with the UK

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3. When it comes to the UK’s official measure of inflation – CPIH – this stands at 8.8%.

[Sources : Office for National Statistics, Eurostat.]

Brexit Britain is beating the EU on ‘the cost of living crisis’

The official inflation rate in the EU has been published for the month of August. The average stands at 10.1%. In the UK it was 9.9%. Both numbers are high, but the EU’s rate is worse than the UK’s.

When considering ‘the cost of living crisis’, it is important to note the soaring inflation in some EU countries. The overall EU average may be 10.1% but in some EU countries prices have been racing away for months, with inflation rates now as high as 25.2%.

The BBC’s double standards

When the UK’s CPI inflation rate tipped briefly into double figures (10.1%) in July, the BBC gave this news major prominence. This rate has now fallen back into single figures, although further price pressures are likely.

© BBC 2022 - click to enlarge

When the EU’s CPI inflation rate went over the 10% mark in August, however, the BBC went silent.


Many countries in the world are experiencing price inflation and the United Kingdom is no exception. In Turkey, for example, it’s currently running at an astonishing 80.1% - more than eight times that in the UK.

The problem here is the BBC’s duplicity. Facts4EU.Org has researched and published a stream of positive reports, using official statistics, showing how the UK has been outperforming the EU. Had the news been the other way around, we are sure the BBC would have covered it.

The problem is not confined to the BBC, of course. Sky News is equally guilty, as is ITN.

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics | Eurostat ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Wed 21 Sept 2022

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