Eurozone's unemployment rate is 70% higher than in Brexit Britain

In the EU27 as a whole, your chances of being unemployed are over 50% higher

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Facts4EU.Org reveals how the EU still lags behind the UK after Brexit

Despite the apocalyptic threats from the Cameron government and the Remain campaign, Brexit Britain is still stubbornly defying all the 'experts'. The UK is thriving, with higher growth rates of GDP and - as we report below - significantly lower unemployment rates.

Today we bring you our analysis of the official unemployment figures in the UK and in the EU, as at the end of last year (2021). We follow this with a reminder of what the British public were told would happen if they voted to leave, back in June 2016.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Unemployment: The UK versus the EU

  • United Kingdom: 4.1%
  • EU27: 6.3%
  • Eurozone: 7.0%

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The UK versus selected EU countries

  • Spain: 13.0%
  • Greece: 13.0%
  • Italy: 9.0%
  • France: 7.2%

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Statistical note: The above are the normal, seasonally-adjusted figures based on the active population, as at end Dec 2021.

The Rt Hon David Jones MP, former Brexit Minister, commented exclusively to Facts4EU.Org

“This important report shows the extent to which employment has benefited from the British people’s wise decision in 2016 to leave the EU.

“We were told that there would be mass unemployment if we voted to leave; but the truth is quite the reverse: it is the EU that is being left behind.

“And, freed of the need to comply with job-destroying EU regulation, there is every prospect that the UK will be able to create many more high-quality, well-paid jobs in the future.”

How does this compare to what the public were told would happen?

During the EU Referendum campaign in 2016, FactsEU.Org repeatedly pointed out the poor performance of the EU when it comes to unemployment.

We did this in the face of the then Chancellor George Osborne and the then Prime Minister David Cameron seeking to scare the voting public with wild claims of immediate job losses in the UK of up to 820,000 in the event of a vote to Leave the European Union.

Naturally, the pro-EU BBC eagerly seized on these irresponsible and erroneous claims

© BBC - click to enlarge

It must be noted that these claims were immediate job losses – they were supposed to be the result of the vote, not even the effect of the UK leaving the EU some time later. The above picture is of the BBC's then Economics Editor, pronouncing on the "dire news".

In reality, as we pointed out in the subsequent years, the number of people in jobs following the Brexit vote rose significantly. This was yet another nail in the coffin for Project Fear. No-one apologised for misleading the public in such a grotesque fashion – not the mandarins in HM Treasury (who concocted the wild figures), nor the Chancellor, nor the Prime Minister.

Here is what actually happened

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Once again, Brexit Britain outranks and outperforms the EU

Back in early 2016 we were all being told that poor little Britain couldn’t survive as an independent country in the big, nasty world out there. Unless we were part of the great EU empire we would wither and perish.

The truth is the opposite and the facts have proved that. Not only that, but Brexit Britain is set to outperform the EU bloc again this year on almost every important measure. The unemployment figures above are a case in point.

Facts matter. The truth matters.

We happen to think that facts matter - unlike the current leader of one of the UK’s political parties who once told our Editor the exact opposite. (We kid you not.)

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[ Sources: EU Commission statistics agency | UK Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 11 Mar 2022

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