VIDEO EXCLUSIVE : Would Redwood serve in Government again? - “Of course”

The Redwood Interview - Part Two

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Final part of an interview with a man many believe should be the new Chancellor

In an exclusive and wide-ranging interview for Facts4EU.Org and CIBUK.Org with the Chairman of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, the Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP provides his thoughts on the multiple policy challenges now facing the government while the Conservative Party goes about the business of electing a new leader – and Prime Minister.

Topics in Part One: Brexit, the Civil Service, lowering taxes, slashing EU Regulations (yesterday)
Topics in Part Two: EU’s troubles, energy, housing, immigration, defence, Government role?

In the second and final part of this exclusive interview, the former Cabinet Minister discusses the Eurozone’s troubles, the UK’s over reliance on renewable energy as a result of Net Zero, policies on housing, legal and illegal immigration, an increased defence budget, and confirms he would serve in Government if asked by the new PM.

The video is below

This final part of the interview is 21 minutes long. Sir John does not pull his punches on some issues and we highly recommend it. Under the video below we have summarised some of what Sir John had to say.

1. The EU and its financial woes

  • ‘Target 2’ - The system by which the richer countries in the Eurozone lend surplus funds to the poorer ones
  • Now that inflation is rising, the strains inherent within a system which has a single interest rate but no single fiscal policy is coming home to roost
  • The present policy of creditor nations continuing to buy up bonds from the debtor nations will only exacerbate the problem, resulting in a repeat of the Eurozone crisis of 2011

In Sir John’s view, there needs to be a far more effective transfer payment system within the Eurozone from richer countries to poorer, to even out the levels of debt and help bring much needed stability to the bloc.

2. Energy

“The EU’s energy system is very badly damaged by its over-reliance on Russian gas.”

  • Putin is strangulating Europe through 80% reduction in gas supplies via Nordstream 1

“Europe, led by Germany, needs to change its energy policies as quickly as it can.”

  • Germany - The Greens are still advocating closing down nuclear as an option
  • France - Ageing fleet of nuclear reactors

3. United Kingdom and Net Zero

“It’s very important this decade that we maximise our output of oil and gas while we see how the transition develops towards an electricity-based energy system…”

  • Sir John urges the government to endorse an increase in North Sea oil and gas production
  • This would also be more environmentally friendly because we wouldn’t need to be importing Liquified Natural Gas from overseas
  • He remains worried about our electricity generating capacity…

”If many more turn to electric vehicles and heating we are mighty short of capacity, were that movement to take off…”

  • Reliance on wind power on a bad day gives us only 1% of our energy needs
  • Until we are able to generate sufficient energy via renewables the UK must maintain capacity via alternative sources

4. Housing

  • Sir John is in favour of a cut in Stamp Duty
  • He would put a stop to the system whereby developers make money by applying for new permissions on new greenfield sites rather than building houses on land which has existing permissions

5. Immigration

“A whole of government task.”

Illegal Immigration

  • It may be necessary to review existing legislation in relation to people-traffickers
  • Need to pierce the lawyer-proof system which acts as a bar to deportation

Legal Immigration

Sir John is clear also that we need to review and reduce the numbers of legal migrants coming into the country. In his view this would be a double-win for the UK:

  • The UK would not have to house those who are already here
  • Those currently on benefits could do those jobs which are currently being done by immigrants

The task of controlling never mind limiting the numbers coming into the country is enormous, he says. It covers multiple departments and will require detailed and careful planning to address the issue. It won’t be easy and will take time to address it.

6. Defence

“We are not properly defended as a nation if we cannot make the necessary weapons and supply the necessary ammunition here in the event of a nasty war breaking out.”

  • Need to increase the defence budget
  • No arbitrary target – should be based on need
  • But we do need more troops and equipment for potential conflict in Europe or in the Pacific
  • Improve procurement procedures to address logistical short-comings and financial overruns
  • Control our technology
  • Stockpile the crucial ingredients
  • Scale up the manufacturing capability should we ever get dragged into a bigger war

7. Finally, if called upon by the new Prime Minister, would he consider a role in government?

Sir John has been spoken of in some quarters as making an excellent new Chancellor, given his financial expertise and belief in a low-tax, high-growth economy. Some have questioned whether he would serve in a Liz Truss Cabinet if asked.

“Of course I would. But it’s for others to make that decision and make that offer, but I’ve always said that I’m very happy to help a Conservative government in any sensible way.”


The Facts4EU.Org and CIBUK.Org teams are grateful to Sir John Redwood for giving up his time for this interview.

He was forthcoming on so many issues that we decided to split the video into two parts, knowing that readers and our audience might only have 15-20 minutes on any given day to watch something like this. If you missed Part One you can watch it here.

Sir John writes daily for his website, called and we can recommend this for stimulating and thought-provoking information and arguments.

Interviews like this take a great deal of time and effort

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[ Sources: The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

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