Anyone for Brexit? If Liz Truss is, she must act immediately on taking office

Facts4EU.Org sets out a Brexit Manifesto for the new Prime Minister

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There are now under two weeks until a massed Rejoiner rally marches on Parliament

There are less than 10 days until the UK’s new Prime Minister is announced and less than two weeks before almost 50 Rejoiner groups march on Parliament. Those in the country who thought Boris “Got Brexit Done” must now think again.

As we have previously reported, there is a massed rally and march of Rejoiner groups set to take place on Saturday 10 September. Their aim is to take the UK back into the EU. They may be a minority but they are a highly vocal one. The Government must rebut their unsubstantiated and wildly inaccurate claims robustly.

The start of a plan to deliver on Brexit

Below we set out a draft ‘Brexit Manifesto’ for the new Prime Minister.

Whilst she will have a lot to take on when she assumes office, we suggest that if she wants a Conservative government to be re-elected at the next General Election, our list contains some key issues which must be dealt with in her first 90 days – and some much more quickly than that.

It’s interesting that five days after we published our piece, the Conservative-supporting Daily Telegraph’s lead opinion article had the following headline:-

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org's Draft Brexit Manifesto

Delivering what the majority of people voted for

(Numbered for ease of reference but not necessarily in priority order)

  1. Immediately withdraw from ECHR and offer to re-draft its terms of reference
  2. Immediately withdraw from UN’s Convention on Refugees and offer to re-draft it, fit for the 2020’s
  3. Remove the ECJ’s right to rule over UK laws, failing which to withdraw completely from the Withdrawal Agreement
  4. Bring Northern Ireland back into the UK by invoking Article 16 and insisting on a new agreement
  5. Re-write the Withdrawal Agreement’s article on fisheries and insist it be changed in 90 days
  6. Insist the EU Commission starts treating the UK as a friendly neighbour and stops the hostility
  7. Remove EU laws and gold-plated regulations by 20% per year – particularly for the financial sector
  8. Set some urgent deadlines on when freeports will be delivered
  9. Fire the Heads of Communications of all Departments who have consistently failed to communicate Brexit to the world

Naturally our numbered list is focused on the delivery of Brexit. More than six years after the largest democratic vote in British history, we do not think it unreasonable to ask for measures which will give people the benefits they expected and deserve to see.

We will be sending this ‘Brexit Manifesto’ to No.10. If you have additional thoughts you can write to us here.

There are of course some other issues

Here are a few which could be considered:

  • Put the ‘Net Zero’ policy on hold
  • Implement a ‘UK energy self-sufficiency’ policy
  • Reverse the National Insurance increase
  • Reverse the Corporation Tax increase to encourage inward investment
  • Remove VAT from energy bills to assist with the cost of living crisis
  • Abolish one-third of all Quangos by 2025
  • Give universities a maximum quota of 15% of overseas students
  • Undertake a thorough review of journalism colleges and impose a curriculum
  • Insist all civil servants return to the office – factory workers can’t ‘work from home’
  • Promote the Union and debunk ‘Sturgeonomics’
  • Set some urgent deadlines on when freeports will be delivered
  • None of the OBR’s forecasts have been remotely correct – a total overhaul is needed
  • Reset the Bank of England’s remit – they have been equally poor

Readers’ suggestions - what are your thoughts?

The above are not exhaustive lists by any means. No doubt readers will have further suggestions and we are very happy to consider these. Our Brexit Manifesto list above only contains a few priorities.


Brexit Facts4EU.Org is non-partisan, but we would respectfully suggest to No.10 that unless these priorities are dealt with very quickly, the chances of this Government being re-elected do not look good.

Our primary interest is in seeing Brexit deliver all the benefits which were expected by the voters. We are well past the point where words alone will do. Patience out there in the country (i.e. outside Westminster) is exhausted.

Only immediate action might now restore some faith. The opportunity starts on 06 September.

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Bank Holiday Sunday, 28 Aug 2022

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