“There are many more wins to come from Brexit,” Sir John Redwood MP tells Facts4EU.Org

A day out for freedom – a special invitation to ‘the Liberty Zone’ in Manchester

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MPs talk about freedoms and opportunities and invite you to come along

On Monday next week a one-day conference will take place in Manchester, encompassing the topics of freedom, democracy, Brexit, and personal liberty. The organisations represented include the Bruges Group, the Time for Recovery group, and The Freedom Association.

There is a stellar line-up of speakers and yesterday three of them spoke to Facts4EU.Org in advance of their speeches next week.

1. Sir Graham Brady, MP for Altrincham and Sale West, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, former Shadow Europe Minister, pro-Brexit, and a committee member of the COVID Recovery Group of MPs

Sir Graham told Facts4EU.Org:

“Whether you think that the extreme policy response to COVID was necessary or not, it certainly marked the biggest erosion of liberty in our country ever seen in peacetime.

“It is essential that the freedoms taken away by government should be returned in full. The creation of ‘vaccine passports’ would entrench the shift of power to the state and should be resisted by all freedom-loving Conservatives.”

Sir Graham Brady MP commenting to Facts4EU.Org, 27 Sep 2021

2. The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP, former Secretary of State, former Single Market Minister, MP for Wokingham since 1987, and one of the 28 'Spartans' who voted against Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement all three times

Ahead of his Bruges Group speech on Monday, Sir John Redwood told us:

“There are many more wins to come from Brexit.”

“I will be urging the government again to make changes that promote greater prosperity at home now we are free to change the rules and spend the money as we see fit. We need to grow more and make more in the UK after the damage done by the Common Fishing and Agriculture policies and some unfair rules of the EU’s single market.”

The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP commenting to Facts4EU.Org, 27 Sep 2021

3. David Campbell Bannerman – former MEP, a member of the EU Parliament International Trade Committee for 10 years, now Chairman of The Freedom Association

Mr Campbell Bannerman told Facts4EU.Org:-

“This Conference will highlight many core issues and cultural battlefields such as over the outrageous attack on free speech, including cancel culture or shunning.

“Our freedoms are under threat as never before. It is time to take a strong stand.”

David Campbell Bannerman commenting to Facts4EU.Org, 27 Sep 2021

Join the free one-day ‘Freedom Zone’ Conference in Manchester on Monday 04 October 2021

Anyone with an interest in freedom might find this a very interesting event to attend. Yes, many (but not all) of the speakers come from a Conservative disposition but there are also speakers from very different political backgrounds such as Baroness Cox, as well as those from academia such as Professor Carl Heneghan, director of Oxford University's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

If you would like to attend, the details are below. Please mention at the door that you are a Facts4EU.Org reader and saw this event on our site.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

'Freedom Zone' event, 04 October 2021

Location: Science and Industry Museum, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4FP
Date: Monday 04 October 2021, 11am-5pm

1. Time 4 Recovery - The case against lockdowns and vaccine passports

Timings: 11am - 12:30pm

Speakers: Sir Graham Brady MP (Chairman of the 1922 Committee); Andrew Bridgen MP (prominent Eurosceptic and anti-lockdown MP); Professor Carl Heneghan (Director of the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford University); Laura Dodsworth (author of 'A State of Fear'); Alan Miller (Chairman of the Night Time Industries Association).

2. Bruges Group – Freedom, Conservatism, and against the creation of a centralised EU state

Timings: 1pm – 2pm, questions and discussion: 2pm – 2.30pm

Speakers: Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP; Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP; Professor Tim Congdon CBE (leading economic commentator); James Bartholomew (journalist and head of Museum of Communist Terror); and Professor Vernon Bogdanor (constitutional expert and historian).

3. The Conservative Campaign for Democracy

Timings: 2:45pm - 3:45pm

Speakers: Joy Morrissey MP; Miriam Cates MP; John Stafford (Chairman of COPOV).

4. The Freedom Association

Timings: 4pm - 5pm

Speakers: Chris Green MP (Bolton West); David Campbell Bannerman (former MEP and Chairman of The Freedom Association); Baroness Fox of Buckley (former Brexit Party MEP and Director of The Academy of Ideas); Alex Deane (commentator and journalist).


Facts4EU.Org has consistently maintained a policy of free speech and we remain non-partisan. In today’s world of ‘cancel culture’ and the systematic personal abuse on social media which passes for ‘opposing arguments’, it is more important than ever that those who wish to express opinions which might run counter to the prevailing orthodoxy in some parts of the media have the opportunity to speak.

Whatever your points of view on the topics which will be covered at this event on Monday, co-hosted by the Bruges Group, it is beyond doubt that the speakers will be informative, entertaining, and challenging.

For readers able to attend on Monday, do please send us your thoughts – as well as any ‘selfies’ you take with the speakers after the events!

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[ Sources: Sir Graham Brady MP | The Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP | David Campbell Bannerman, Chairman of the Freedom Association | The Bruges Group | The Freedom Association ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 28 Sep 2021

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