With boat migrants trebling this year, how many more EU illegal migrants are coming?

In 2020, over ½ million illegal migrants were found in the EU27, 2% were children

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Facts4EU.Org reveals the truth about the EU’s continuing immigration problems

Facts4EU.Org has analysed information released by the EU Parliament on Thursday 11 Nov 2021 regarding illegal immigration in 2020. Considering this was the main Covid year when travel was immensely difficult, the results are quite revealing.

Note: All media outlets are very sensitive about publishing information about migrants. Readers know that Facts4EU.Org researches and publishes only official information, not hearsay or conjecture. What follows is an analysis of some basic facts, to inform debate and policy. All data comes from the EU’s official statistics agency.

More than half a million migrants were found to be illegally in the EU in 2020. Only a small proportion were deported and most of these were voluntary repatriations.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Detected illegal migrants in the EU in 2020

  • 557,455 illegal migrants were found in the EU, that the EU is aware of
  • 396,435 people were ordered to leave the EU in 2020
  • Only 27,378 were compulsorily deported – 4.9% of the total illegal migrant population
  • Main nationalities ordered to leave were Algerian, Moroccan, Albanian, Ukrainian and Pakistani
  • Last year alone 125,226 illegal border crossings into the EU were detected

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With the number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel this year having trebled from last year’s total, Facts4EU.Org has looked again at the EU’s continuing illegal immigration problem.

The EU’s illegal migrant problem is not as bad as 2015, but it’s growing again

Ever since 2015, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel effectively threw open the EU’s doors in what many EU leaders now consider was a unilateral act of monumental folly, the EU Commission has been trying to reach agreement with the 27 member states on an appropriate immigration and resettlement policy.

To this day, no agreement has been reached.

The arguments centre around redistribution, resettlement, and who should bear the costs. On top of that, there are fierce arguments taking place over the building of walls to protect the EU’s borders.

How many illegal migrants now in the EU are women and children?

Pictures of illegal migrants seen on television tend to feature women and children. There has been much comment about this, so Facts4EU.Org decided to interrogate the EU’s official data to find out how many illegal migrants are in fact children, and also to determine the proportion of males to females.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The illegal migrant gender and age balance

1. How many illegal migrants are children?

  • Out of 557,455, just 12,300 are children (<14yrs)
  • That is just 2.2% of the total
  • Almost 98% are adults or older teenagers

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2. How many illegal migrants are young males?

  • 83.3% of the total are male
  • Of these, 75.1% are aged under 35

3. How many are young girls?

  • 1.0% of the illegal migrants are girls aged under 14

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Facts, not prejudice

Any report on illegal immigration is fraught with danger. A simple analysis of the facts, such as Facts4EU.Org’s report above, instantly attracts accusations of racism and xenophobia.

Those who support the idea of open borders, as the UN’s International Organisation for Migration does, view any attempt to present facts to the populations of countries affected as being likely to provoke a backlash. We believe that the suppression of facts, and the blind adherence to the principle of free movement of all people, everywhere, is far more likely to cause a backlash than is a calm examination of the facts.

Facts4EU.Org will continue to research and publish facts. We suggest to the very well-funded open borders lobby that they are completely out of touch with the majority opinion. This highly vocal yet very small minority will not silence us.

The British have a reputation for tolerance and compassion. We don’t know anyone who would turn away a genuine refugee in fear of his or her life. There is, however, a difference between true sanctuary for refugees and the indiscriminate opening of our borders to all and sundry – some of whom quite clearly wish us ill. The case of the Liverpool bomber two weeks ago – a migrant denied asylum seven years previously and appealing countless times – shows this.

“The times they are a’ changing”

Readers will remember how, in 2015/2016 and in subsequent years, Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban was pilloried for trying to protect Hungary’s borders with fencing. US President Donald Trump suffered the same criticism for his plans to build a wall on the border with Mexico. The EU did not hold back with its criticism in each case.

How times change. Now, borders are being erected in the EU from Lithuania in the north to Greece in the south. The EU is even being asked to pay for these. And in the USA President Biden is facing a tripling of the numbers of illegal migrants coming from the southern border of his country.

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[ Sources: EU Commission official statistics agency | EU Parliament ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 23 Nov 2021

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