Brexit attacked from within - 53% would vote to re-join EU – shocking poll results

Latest major polling suggests Brexit good news is not getting through to voters

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77% of under 35s would vote to re-join and even 10% of Leave voters have changed their minds

In a major poll carried out by Savanta ComRes of more than 2,200 adults in the United Kingdom and published on Friday 12 November, a stunning 53% say they would now vote to re-join the EU – a 6% lead.

This is a significant survey by a serious polling organisation and the results cannot be dismissed lightly. Below Facts4EU.Org summarises the key results and then comments on these in our 'Observations' below.

On this day, Remembrance Sunday when we remember all those who sacrificed their lives or their well-being in the cause of freedom, Facts4EU.Org felt it important to look at public attitudes honestly.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Latest public opinions on another Brexit referendum and voting intentions

Would you vote to re-join the EU, if you could?

  • Yes: 53% / No: 47% (Amongst those likely to vote)
  • Proportion who would vote to re-join the EU includes 10% of former Leave voters
  • Proportion who would vote to stay out includes 11% of former Remain voters
  • 77% of those aged 18-34 would vote to re-join
  • 61% of those aged 55+ would vote to stay out

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Want another referendum within the next five years?

  • Yes: 40% / No: 34% / Don’t know or ambivalent: 26%
  • Support for another referendum includes one in six Leavers (15%)

The party split

  • 21% of Conservative voters back another referendum, 80% would vote to stay out
  • 63% of Labour voters back another referendum, 80% would vote to re-join
  • 87% of SNP voters back another referendum, 93% would vote to re-join
  • 60% of LibDem voters back another referendum, 81% would vote to re-join

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The above all comes from the poll conducted by Savanta ComRes and published on Thur 11 Nov 2021. Savanta ComRes interviewed 2,231 UK adults between 5-7 November 2021. Data were weighted by age, sex, region and SEG, as well as by the results of the 2016 EU Referendum and 2019 General Election.


Polls are only polls, but...

Polls are only polls. No-one knows this better than Leave voters after the polling ahead of the 2016 Referendum, when every poll bar one was proved wrong.

That said, the UK has now experienced more than five years of vindictive and aggressive behaviour by the EU towards the UK. It has seen the UK lead the world in vaccines, whereas it is claimed that many thousands died in the EU as a result of its vaccination programme being handled by the EU Commission in typically slow and incompetent fashion for months.

‘Project Farce’

The UK has also seen almost every prediction in the Project Fear arsenal being proved not only wrong, but wrong in entirely the opposite direction. Project Fear was rapidly proven to be ‘Project Farce’.

For example, job numbers actually increased by 679,000 in the two years after we voted to leave, rather than plummeting by 500,000-820,000 as George Osborne and HM Treasury predicted. Contrary to the subsequent ‘clutching at straws’ by Remainers, 96.4% of these were extra full-time, permanent jobs.

Five years on, the cities of Paris and Frankfurt are still waiting in vain for the mass influx of City staff following the supposed immediate implosion of the UK’s important financial sector. And last week the EU Commission was forced to announce that it is extending the City of London’s vital role in euro clearing indefinitely.

Sometimes it's good to look back, but maybe not for Re-Joiners

Here's a blast from the past. On Christmas Eve, 24 Dec 2018 - fully two-and-a-half years after the British electorate voted to leave the EU - Facts4EU.Org published a Christmas message of good cheer involving jobs, wages and the economy. We had analysed the latest data released by the Office for National Statistics and reported as follows.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Since the EU Referendum...

  • Employment is up by 741,000
  • Wages are up by 6.6%
  • GDP has grown by 4.0%

[Researched and published by Facts4EU.Org
on Christmas Eve 2018
from official data from the UK Office of National Statistics.]

Then why, oh why, oh why?

So the majority of Brexit news has been good, why haven’t voters cottoned on? Or if they are aware, why have only 11% of Remain voters changed their minds, offset by 10% of Leave voters who would now apparently vote to re-join the EU?

The Facts4EU.Org team has its own theories, but we are interested in what readers think. Please let us know in the Comments section below, or email us here. We will then publish the best of these in a further article, together with our own analysis.

A sobering thought

We will leave readers with a sobering thought. If ever there were another Referendum, and if this time the Re-join camp were able to persuade its younger supporters actually to go out and vote, Re-join would win hands down.

Yes, polls are polls, but we suggest that this is a problem which needs to be addressed. It entirely vindicates our decision to carry on working seven days a week from 24 June 2016 onwards and also vindicates the decision of many readers to continue supporting our work with donations. And on that subject please read what follows. Thank you.

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[ Sources: Savanta ComRes | HM Treasury | Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 14 Nov 2021

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