Only 6% of EU27 citizens hold very positive image of EU, says official EU survey

The EU asked its citizens what they think of the EU… and the results are not pretty

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Facts4EU.Org takes its traditional look at the latest official ‘Eurobarometer’ survey results

Every year the EU Commission conducts a survey of its citizens, asking a long series of questions to determine their views on a wide range of topics. And every year Facts4EU.Org delves into the detail and produces a report which brings some of the more interesting facts to light.

The latest ‘Eurobarometer’ survey report and data tables were published on Tuesday. Some of the results do not make for pretty reading for the glassy tower dwellers of Brussels.

It gets worse. This survey was conducted in October and November last year, before the continuing disaster of the EU Commission’s Covid vaccines programme had even been revealed, so it can be expected that the results would be far worse if conducted today.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Highlights from the EU’s official ‘Eurobarometer’ survey 2020

  • Only 6% of EU27 citizens hold a ‘very positive’ image of the EU
  • Only 41% say their image of the EU is ‘fairly positive’
  • Only 34% of EU27 citizens believe the EU is going in the right direction

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And on the EU's handling of the Covid crisis:

  • 60% of EU27 citizens say Covid has made them reflect on the future of the EU
  • Only 40% are satisfied with the EU Commission’s measures to deal with the Covid crisis

How the EU Commission chose to spin this

Each year when these surveys are conducted, the EU Commission takes its time to present the results in as good a light as possible in a press release and a report. This year for the first time the Eurobarometer was conducted jointly with the EU Parliament and the Commission chose to headline on this, and on the survey questions regarding the launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The headline in the Commission’s press release was “EU-wide survey shows Europeans support the launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe”. Perhaps this was inevitable, as some of the results in this latest survey will not make for comfortable reading in the Berlaymont building in Brussels.

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What do EU27 citizens care about most? Immigration and terrorism

As part of the survey, people were asked to name their major concerns. The top two topics on people’s minds were migration (43%) and terrorism (39%). The Commission’s grand plan for a ‘Conference on the Future of Europe’ did not figure.

This is despite the fact that a staggering 89% said that “There is still work to be done to strengthen democracy in the EU.” Perhaps the idea of another EU talking shop did not seem to ordinary people that it would be likely to strengthen the bedrock of democracy, which should underpin any bloc with aspirations to become a superstate.

“Migration and terrorism…? Let’s not mention those”

Migration and terrorism are not topics the EU Commission likes to talk about very much as they are not exactly areas in which the EU has exhibited competence. Nor is migration a topic on which the ordinary citizens of the EU are likely to agree with the ‘open borders’ ideologues inhabiting the EU’s many thousands of offices in Brussels. Nevertheless, these are the two topics at the top of ordinary people’s minds.

The third most important topic concerning people was “Handling global health issues”. Given that since the survey was conducted last October and November the EU has made a complete mess of its vaccination programme and lags far behind the UK, the USA and other countries, we suspect that this issue might now be higher up in the priorities of EU citizens.


Not looking good for the EU

This survey must make grim reading in Brussels. As usual they have done their best to bury the worst aspects, but we are pleased to bring some of these out in our customary analysis of the EU’s report.

As ever we must place our usual caveats on the Eurobarometer’s readings. Each year we stress that we believe the results to be highly suspect, in favour of the EU. This survey is always absurdly long and complicated and none of the Facts4EU.Org team would have the time to complete it. We suspect that those doing so are more likely to be interested in the EU and in favour of it. In this latest case the survey runs to 92 questions, with up to six possible answers per question. It would take at least an hour and a half to complete.

The other concern is always in regard to the actual questions being asked. To say that some of these questions are ‘leading’ would be an understatement. For example: “How would you like to contribute to the activities of the Conference on the Future of Europe?” Firstly we suspect most people would have zero interest in this conference and secondly the question suggests to the respondent that he or she should at least have some interest.

Are there still Rejoiners left in the UK?

Yes, according to the latest polls, there are, although they have diminished greatly in number. Whilst we are now focusing more and more on the opportunities for Brexit Britain, it is important to highlight the situation across the Channel.

If for no other reason, it reassures the British public that the right decision was to leave that sclerotic organisation. It also bolsters the more robust negotiating attitude towards the EU which is now seemingly being taken by the British government.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | EU Parliament ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

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