EXCLUSIVE: EU citizens deliver damning verdict on EU – in EU’s own official survey

Shock for Eurocrats – Only 23% of EU27 citizens are in favour of the current EU

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And not one question about the biggest event in recent EU history – the exit of the UK

In its latest EU-wide survey of citizens’ views, the EU’s Spring ‘Eurobarometer’ will not make for comfortable reading in Brussels. Despite the Eurocrats’ usual attempts to extract some positives from the answers to its 29 questions with many possible answers for each, the simple fact is that only 23% of EU citizens said they're in favour of the EU as it is today.

The question asked was: “Which of the following statements regarding the European Union is closest to your opinion?”

Only 23% of all EU27 citizens chose “I’m in favour of the European Union as it has been realised so far”. This percentage has fallen by a further 4% from the 27% which the EU managed in the last survey, only three months previously.

In some countries the response was even lower. For example only 15% of Italian and Greek citizens felt themselves able to give even this somewhat half-hearted endorsement.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

EU's "Eurobarometer" survey results, published 03 June 2021

  • Only 23% in favour of EU as it stands
  • Only 7% have very positive image of EU
  • Only 3% very satisfied with EU democracy
  • Only 6% very optimistic about EU’s future
  • Only 34% believe EU is going in the right direction
  • Only 48% are satisfied with EU’s handling of Covid crisis
  • No questions were asked about UK exit, economically equivalent to 18 EU countries leaving at once

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In terms of the EU's image in the minds of EU citizens, less than half of them (48%) now have a positive image of the EU. Of this 48%, only 7% had a “very positive” image with 41% being only “fairly positive”.

In some countries it is far worse. In Austria, for example, only 34% have any kind of positive image at all of the EU.

Photo right: Austrian Chancellor Sebasatian Kurz with girlfriend Suzanne Thier

Does the EU have a future? A third of EU citizens are pessimistic

When asked about their level of optimism about the future of the European Union, only 6% of EU27 citizens described themselves as very optimistic”.

Over one-third (36%) of all EU citizens couldn’t muster any level of optimism about the future of the EU at all.

It gets worse. Half of EU27 citizens (49%) think the EU is going in the wrong direction. Only a third (34%) felt able to say they thought the EU’s direction was the right one for them.

What EU citizens think of the EU's democratic deficit

When asked about democracy and the EU, only 3% of EU27 citizens were able to pronounce themselves to be “very satisfied with the way democracy works in the EU”.

The lowest marks came from the French, where just 1% of French citizens declared that they were “very satisfied” with the functioning of EU democracy.

Photo left: French President Emmanuel Macron

When it comes to Covid-19, the EU performs poorly in the survey

Only 48% of EU citizens are satisfied with the measures the EU has taken during the Covid crisis. Indeed less than half even know what the EU has been doing about this in the last 12 months.

An even lower percentage (44%) of citizens in the EU are satisfied with the degree of cooperation between Member States in combating Covid.

When asked about what the EU should prioritise in tackling this crisis, almost 40% of EU citizens identified rapid access to safe and effective vaccines as the most important issue. The second most important issue (29%) was that the EU should put more money into the development of treatments and vaccines.

Talking of vaccines, were there any questions about the more successful Brexit Britain?

The answer is of course no, there were no questions about the most significant fall in the EU’s status and standing for many years. Not one.

Respondents were given no opportunity to express any views whatsoever on the departure on 31 December 2020 of a country representing 13% of the EU’s population and over 15% of the EU’s GDP.

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The economic impact of the UK’s departure was greater than the combined economic impact of the departure of 18 of the EU’s 27 countries, all at the same time. Yet it did not merit one single question in the EU’s survey of its citizens.

And finally, how did the EU choose to spin these dire results?

In a typical example of the EU putting as positive a spin as possible on these results, its report describes them thus:

“Despite short-term fluctuations and national variations, overall positive ratings for the EU’s image remain at one of their highest levels in over a decade.”

- EU Parliament statement, 03 June 2021

About the EU’s “Eurobarometer” survey
The EU carries out these extensive EU-wide surveys of public opinion usually twice a year. The European Parliament’s spring 2021 Eurobarometer was conducted between 16 March and 12 April 2021 in the 27 EU Member States. The survey was conducted face-to-face and completed with online interviews where necessary as a result of Covid. 26,669 interviews were conducted in total.


One of the dangers of asking people what they think of you in an anonymous survey is that people might just tell you. And that is what the citizens of the EU27 countries have just done to the EU.

As ever we are in awe of the EU’s abilities to spin bad news. In its press release on Thursday last week, the EU Parliament’s headline was:

“EU citizens still have broadly positive image of EU but ask for reforms”

- EU Parliament press release, Thur 03 June 2021

Hmmm… Let’s just say that’s an interesting take on things

We can imagine the scene in an EU Brussels office when the results came in....

Junior analyst Francoise:  “Mon Dieu, Heinrich, zees results...... zay are un désastre!”
Senior analyst Heinrich:  “Kein problem, Francoise meine Liebchen, vee alvays haf vays of making ze figures talk. Just keep calm und carry on, as those Britischers like to say.”

Inexplicably, in its published "highlights" (which is all most people read), the EU failed to mention some of the key results - and omitted to mention some questions altogether. Facts4EU.Org has been happy to put this right in our report above.

When it comes to the detail of the EU’s ‘Eurobarometer’ itself, we have no wish to bore readers. Suffice to say that the report and results run to 150 pages – and that’s without all the appendices. Instead we have produced a readable summary from the mass of information we looked at. We hope it has been useful.

No, neither the EU nor the Euro are about to disintegrate

Despite this survey and its calamitous results for the EU's high command, Facts4EU.Org continues to believe that the EU will muddle on somehow - at least for now. It must be remembered that the majority of EU countries have always been net beneficiaries of "EU money", a great deal of which came from the UK. They would have been unwise to turn this down, and they didn't.

The EU's largesse with British people's money (and that of the other few net contributors to the EU budget) has been compulsorily badged as coming from the EU Commission, on plaques and signage throughout all EU countries. Readers will have seen evidence of this in the UK for many years, despite the fact that this was in effect UK money, rebadged by the EU, and of which only a part was returned in the form of donations to local projects in the United Kingdom.

That said, things are perhaps going to start changing. For example Ireland - one of the most pro-EU countries - is now a net contributor to EU funds after decades of being a net beneficiary. We don't believe that this has yet sunk in in the Republic, but when it does, Irish citizens might start to become more sceptical.

In conclusion, despite all the EU's propaganda and despite our firm belief that the majority of those bothering to take part in these lengthy EU surveys are pro-EU, the results are dismally poor for the EU.

Yes, 'ordinary people' CAN make a difference

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[ Sources: EU Parliament Eurobarometer survey Spring 2021 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Facts4EU.Org, Tues 08 Jun 2021

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