Woke politics, Covid-19, and the indoctrination of our children

Is Ofsted yet another quango that is increasingly ‘woke’ and not ‘fit for purpose’?

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Facts4EU.Org’s report card on Ofsted and the need for a post-Covid, post-Brexit revolution

Facts4EU.Org inspects Ofsted’s new “School Inspection Handbook 2021”
in post-Brexit, post-Covid Britain

Part One - Sex, schools, and Ofsted
Part Two - Ofsted, wokery, and the need for a post-Covid, post-Brexit revolution (this report)

On Thursday Facts4EU.Org published Part One of its ‘report card’ on Ofsted’s latest revisions to its ‘School Inspections Handbook’ for September 2021.

Today we raise further issues and ask some difficult questions. As long ago as 2007, the Chairman of the House of Commons Education Select Committee said of Ofsted:

“We cannot disguise our concern as to the fitness for purpose of the organisation at the present moment”

He then added the Committee’s concerns about:

“the complex set of objectives and sectors that Ofsted now spans and its capacity to fulfil its core mission”.

That was 14 years ago in 2007 and it hasn’t got any better. In simple terms it seems that Ofsted, like so many other quangos, had already decided to expand its own remit into areas which the Select Committee deemed inappropriate. In the intervening years it has gone much, much further.

Bullying, ‘harassment’, and ‘gender reassignment’

Bullying - or ‘harassment’ as Ofsted calls it - has always existed in our schools. Children generally seek to conform amongst their peer group and ‘otherness’ in whatever form can be pounced upon. In some cases this leads to systematic bullying, making the lives of the victims into a living nightmare. For decades schools have had a duty to stamp this out.

When it comes to sexual harassment, this is another subject which is not new and which schools have always had to deal with. What has changed, however, is the influence of the internet on the young. Regardless of ‘parental controls’ on tablets, smart-phones and laptops, it is clear that some children still access inappropriate material and – lacking maturity – can become sexualised in their behaviour.

The media must also accept some of the blame here. It used to be the case that we had a nine o’clock watershed to protect children. These days the TV is full of programmes involving sexual references all day long and it is no longer possible to shelter children from this.

So was Ofsted right to announce its ‘sex update’ to the School Inspection Handbook?

The problems with the latest revisions to Ofsted’s School Inspections Handbook lie in its increasing interest in matters other than the proper maintenance of educational standards. For example it is troubling to read that “Ofsted does not specify… that tutor groups/form time must include literacy, numeracy or other learning sessions.”

The public’s concern is increasingly with the seemingly inevitable drift to the woke agenda, as with so many other areas of our national life. It is a fact that teachers are not representative of the population at large. To cite one example, here is an indication of how they voted in the EU Referendum.

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Extremist woke politics and the indoctrination of our children

Whether readers voted for Leave or Remain, the chart above demonstrates how the teaching profession as a whole is clearly unrepresentative of the general population, and yet their political views seem to be encroaching into the classroom year by year.

Here is a 10-year old girl this year, telling her mother:

“I used to love school. I hate it now. Every day it's the same thing - covid, covid, climate change, covid, climate change, climate change, covid, covid, covid and I get into trouble if I question it.”

It doesn’t matter if you teach in a lovely traditional British school in a town or village, with a happy school population and happy staff, Ofsted insists that you have a problem you must address, even if it doesn’t exist in your own experience. We cite Ofsted’s very clear instructions to teachers and school heads below.

“ Inspectors will expect schools and college leaders to assume that sexual harassment, online sexual abuse and sexual violence are happening in and around their school, even when there are no specific reports, and to have put in place a whole-school approach to address them.”

- Ofsted School Inspection Handbook, revision 28 Jun 2021

Education and Covid-19

According to the latest information from the Cambridge University academic group supplying data to Sage, SPI-M, and Public Health England, the fatality rate amongst the 5-24 year-olds ‘with Covid’ is 0.001%. This is not 0.001% of 5-24 years olds. It is 0.001% of those who have tested positive for Covid in the last four weeks. The percentage for the overall population of 5-24 year olds is therefore even more minuscule.

In other words, even if you accept that ‘deaths as a result of Covid’ are the same as the ‘deaths with Covid’ which are reported, your child or young adult has a far greater chance of dying from many dozens of other causes rather than Covid.


No to vaccines for the young - And let’s get schools back to normal now

If we were running Ofsted, the most overriding topic on our minds right now would be countering the disastrous effects of the State’s Covid-19 measures on our children and young people. This affects 100% of all school children, their education, and their well-being.

The effects of the State’s Covid measures will take many years to recover from – if indeed these children ever do, and even if schools return to normal tomorrow. With some 385,000 children currently not attending school because of token positive and unreliable test results of a few, any return to normality would appear to remain wishful thinking under Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

What about Ofsted’s new ‘gender issue’?

The issue of ‘gender reassignment’ which has been introduced by Ofsted into its latest Handbook for schools affects minuscule numbers. These numbers are so small that there is not even any reliable official data.

Even the NHS’s own ‘Gender Identity Development Service’ (GIDS) – and yes, it exists - says “It is difficult to get an accurate idea of exactly how many people experience gender dysphoria across the world.”

We suggest that the NHS’s Gender Identity Development Service might want to start by identifying the size of the problem – if it exists in any meaningful numbers – in the UK, before it begins to worry about the rest of the world.

A post-Covid, post-Brexit revolution

Increasingly there are signs of a push-back against the woke, cancel culture, extremist ideologies infecting most of our government bodies and agencies. Facts4EU.Org will continue to help to drive this push-back using clear facts.

It takes ordinary people who are prepared to stand up and say “don’t be daft” on a regular basis. Sometimes this involves sticking one’s neck out. If any readers are involved in the kind of national bodies or government departments and agencies who are guilty, please email us in confidence. We will always protect your identity.

The more we can do together, the stronger we will be, and the faster we will get back to normality.


In our Sunday edition tomorrow there will be an important report we have researched into 'actual' deaths from Covid, rather than those reported on the BBC. Then early next week we will be publishing a report we are preparing which will shock or surprise many people. We think it will be essential reading for all parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles - and teachers.

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[ Sources: Ofsted School Inspection Handbook 2021 | Ofsted revisions press release June 2021 | UK Dept of Education and Science | NHS Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) | Times Educational Supplement ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

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