VIDEO: ‘You VILL obey us’ says German EU Commission President in anti-UK rant

Is it time to recognise the hostile intent of the EU administration towards the UK and act accordingly?

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“Let me be clear: We do not want to have to use these tools. But we will not hesitate to use them if necessary. They are essential to ensure full compliance with the TCA and the Withdrawal Agreement”
- Ursula von der Leyen, 27 Apr 2021

OPINION: A Facts4EU.Org editorial following von der Leyen’s shocker in the EU Parliament

On Tuesday the EU Parliament finally ratified the UK-EU ‘Trade and Cooperation Agreement’ – a full four months after the British Parliament did so. Originally promised by the EU for February, Brexit Facts4EU.Org correctly predicted the EU would not ratify until the end of April.

As part of Tuesday's proceedings, the EU Commission President made a speech

Failed German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has made many speeches and statements since she was appointed at the last minute as EU Commission President, when the leaders of the EU27 countries could not agree on anyone else. She was then presented to the EU Parliament as the only candidate MEPs could vote for. Despite this massive and undemocratic advantage in having no opponent, she only scraped through by nine votes.

Since then, her performance as EU Commission President – especially over the running of the disastrous EU vaccine programme - is now regarded by some as typical of her performance in her previous role as German Defence Minister, when she was described in the German press as their worst cabinet minister.

Her speech in the EU Parliament yesterday stands up there as one of the most misguided in a long line of her miscalculations. Below we provide the link to her hostile speech in full, but first we present some key extracts.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Some key extracts

  • “It is now just over four years since the UK's letter triggering its withdrawal from the EU was ceremoniously handed over after its journey from London to Brussels.”
  • “[The TCA] represents the unity, responsibility and solidarity within the EU to protect the interests of our citizens and our Union.”
  • “… the Agreement comes with real teeth – with a binding dispute settlement mechanism and the possibility for unilateral remedial measures where necessary.”
  • “Let me be clear: We do not want to have to use these tools. But we will not hesitate to use them if necessary.”
  • “… existing commitments are not being respected by one side.”
  • “… many are the consequence of the type of Brexit the UK chose.”
  • “[Ratifying the Treaty] will give us the tools we need to ensure full and faithful compliance with the obligations”
  • “Long live Europe.”

The insidious menace of the EU Commission

Before providing the link to the full statement, some textual analysis may assist readers. As seasoned EU-watchers, we are familiar with the EU’s incessant use of phrases purporting to show that it is an inherently reasonable organisation, wishing only unity, peace, love and goodwill to all.

Please do not be fooled. The real sub-text of this statement is that of insidious menace; a warning of hostile intent by a failing administration whose immediate and instinctive recourse is to blame others for their own failings. A classic example is the court case which the EU Commission started on Wednesday against what it now refers to as “UK-Swedish AstraZeneca”. It should be remembered that AstraZeneca is the only drug company to have made its vaccines available to the EU at cost.

Here is the link to the full text of Frau von der Leyen’s speech. [PDF]

And here's the video

Her speech starts at 4mins 48 seconds and it's in English. We find some of it chilling.

‘Good neighbourliness’? Impossible under this EU Commission President

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement starts with the following:-

Article 1:
“This Agreement establishes the basis for a broad relationship between the Parties, within an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation, respectful of the Parties’ autonomy and sovereignty.”

It is our contention that Frau von der Leyen and her Commissioners are acting in anything but this manner.

The World’s fifth-largest economy and one of its major soft and hard powers - the United Kingdom - is on the EU’s doorstep. For the EU’s Commission President to make a speech like this is a disgrace.

Northern Ireland, trade, and other matters

There is much more we could say about this speech but we will only mention two more things. To take one example, Frau von der Leyen once again attempts to credit the EU with achieving peace in Northern Ireland. The simple truth is that the EU had nothing to do with it.

Indeed, the truth is the exact opposite. By its insistence on the malign ‘Northern Ireland Protocol’ as a condition of the repugnant ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ last year, the EU has done more damage to peace in Northern Ireland than anyone. You do not have to take our word for this. One of the two architects of the Belfast ‘Good Friday’ Agreement – and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work – Lord Trimble, has harsh words for the EU.

The EU's Withdrawal Agreement breaks the Good Friday Agreement
Says Nobel Peace Prize Winner - and one of the two main architects of it

“The Withdrawal Agreement clearly rips the GFA [Good Friday Agreement] apart.

“Since the laws governing 60 per cent of economic activity in NI will no longer be made at Westminster or by the devolved Assembly, but by an outside law-making body, the EU, and those laws will be subject to interpretation by a non-UK court, clearly the constitutional position of NI has been changed without the consent of the people of NI as required by the GFA.

“Furthermore, there is no way in which the people affected by those decisions will even have a say in the making or application of them.”

- The Rt Hon The Lord Trimble PC, 11 July 2020, CBP Report

The EU has repeatedly stressed its proclaimed intention to protect the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. It might have been thought that they would have been deeply alarmed at Lord Trimble's conclusion that their Withdrawal Agreement "clearly rips the Good Friday Agreement apart".

Instead, there has not been a squeak out of them about this. It seems that Nobel Peace Prize winner Lord Trimble's very serious statement is not 'on message' and does not suit the EU's propaganda.

Wasn't the EU Commission President's speech supposed to be about the trade agreement?

Readers will have other observations, but our second point is about trade. Frau von der Leyen’s speech was ostensibly about the ratification of the UK-EU ‘Trade and Cooperation Agreement’. Yet there was nothing about trade in her speech. Nothing. Rien. NICHTS.

In her 1340 words, the word ‘trade’ did not pass her lips except when mentioning the title of the agreement.

Time to re-position Brexit Britain and pivot to the rest of the World

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - click to enlarge

Our chart above shows only goods exports. For reasons which the EU should be called out on, the 'Trade and Cooperation Agreement' does not include services, which account for approximately 80% of the UK economy.

Love Europe, distrust the EU

Like almost all readers, we have warm feelings towards the citizens of the EU27 countries. It is their unelected government in Brussels with which we have issues.

Under the current EU administration – and indeed with the overtly hostile attitudes of the majority of the EU Parliament’s MEPs – we do not see how the United Kingdom can have a friendly, collaborative, and cooperative trading relationship with the EU. Nor can we foresee normal cooperation on matters such as terrorism, repatriation of illegal migrants, extradition of criminals, and a host of other matters.

As a near neighbour and its second-largest export market, it might be expected that the UK would enjoy preferential arrangements with the EU. Not only is this not the case, but there are countries half-way around the World with better terms than the UK has.

Let’s move on

Despite the negativity of the BBC and others, the United Kingdom is still a powerful country enjoying a great deal of respect globally. Even looking at the EU itself, one has to ask why over five million of its citizens have applied and been accepted for residency in the UK - since Brexit. That's a very significant number of people, voting with their feet.

Perhaps it’s now time to accept that the hostility of the EU’s technocrats and the majority of its MEPs will not change, and move on.

There’s a wonderful world out there. And as Brexit Britain embraces the future, we can always look back over our shoulders at Ursula von der Leyen with a very British


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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Fri 30 Apr 2021

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