Brexit Britain continues to show up EU’s dire performance on vaccinations

By every measure, the UK is leading the EU by a long way

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Remainer-Rejoiners and the BBC seem unnaturally quiet about this, so Facts4EU.Org will not be

Yesterday another milestone was reached. 10 million people in the UK are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This is by far the largest number of any EU country. In addition, the total of all vaccine doses administered as a proportion of the population exceeds that of every EU country and dramatically exceeds the EU average.

Last year when the UK announced it would not be participating in the EU’s vaccination programme, Remainer-Rejoiners threw themselves at their pro-EU supporters in the British press, eager to claim imminent disaster was awaiting the newly-independent United Kingdom.

Fortunately for the British people, the Europhile doom-mongers were once again proved wrong, as they have been on all their predictions and threats with which they attempted to intimidate voters before and after the EU Referendum.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Vaccine doses per 100 people

  • United Kingdom: 63.0%
  • Spain: 26.4%
  • Germany: 26.2%
  • Italy: 25.2%
  • France: 25.0%
  • Poland: 22.4%

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Percentage of population fully vaccinated

  • United Kingdom: 14.6%
  • Italy: 7.4%
  • Spain: 7.1%
  • France: 6.6%
  • Germany: 6.6%
  • Poland: 5.9%

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Meanwhile the EU continues to attempt to manipulate the public

On Wednesday last week, the beleaguered EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen issued another statement about Covid-19.

“And the good news is: Vaccination is picking up speed across Europe!”

Months into this, and the latest figures above might suggest that the EU’s speed is increasing from that of a sluggish French escargot to the pace of a tortoise.


There are arguments to be made about vaccines, but we are unable to go there. Regardless of those debates however, the simple fact is that governments around the world are engaged in a race to vaccinate as many of their people as they possibly can. Countries are being compared on this basis, in newspapers in every country.

Imagine the BBC if the situation had been reversed

Imagine for a minute if the above situation had been the reverse of the reality we have shown. If the UK’s vaccination programme had lagged behind the EU’s by as much as the EU’s now lags behind the UK’s, we have little doubt that for months the BBC would have been producing these charts daily.

As it is, Brexit Britain has shown itself to be nimbler and much more effective than the cumbersome and inefficient machine which wishes to run all aspects of life for the EU27’s 434 million inhabitants. Bureaucratic Brussels hasn’t just failed, it has failed on a monumental scale.

And all of this from an organisation which claimed last week to be the largest producer of vaccines in the world. The reality of course is that “the EU” hasn’t produced a single vaccine. Private companies have. And yet “the EU” is a long way behind the UK and the USA in its vaccination programme.

In providing this official information, Facts4EU.Org is not “gloating” – which seems to be the only response from Remainer-Rejoiners – we are simply pointing out the facts. And the facts show that an independent United Kingdom has outperformed the EU by a long margin in its vaccination programme.

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[ Sources: John Hopkins University | Our World in Data | EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 20 Apr 2021

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